22 March 2009

Coldplay and Greek Dancing

This will just be a short and sweet blog this week. Apart from my excursion to the Coldplay concert in Auckland on Wednesday night, it has been a fairly quiet week - the first in a while!

The concert was amazing, and Coldplay really knew how to please the crowd, playing a perfect mix of new and old, and getting everyone up on their feet. The effects were pretty special, giant yellow balloons bouncing around during 'Yellow', giant rotating globes that descended from the ceiling with images projected on them, and a rain of multi coloured star tickertape on the last song. I hadn't fully appreciated before what an amazingly talented pianist Chris Martin is, and I also was in awe of the way he could run all over the stage for 2 hours, belting out lyrics at the top of his voice, and seamless interchanging between just singing or combining it with either the guitar or piano. Well worth the ticket price and the plane trip to Auckland! I also had a lovely time catching up with Andrea, my best friend from school who I hadn't seen for a proper catch up for a good couple of years.

This weekend, Noah had a long overdue haircut, and happily sat and watched a Wiggles DVD throughout. He has rediscovered his love of the Wiggles of late, which is a bit of a shame in that we just had to sell our tickets to the concert in two week's time, because we realised we'd already planned to go to New Plymouth to catch up with Nana & Poppa & Gigi. Never mind as we will have a lovely time, and Noah won't even realise what he's missing.

Noah does Scary Hair Day for his teacher Gina's last day

We also enjoyed a bit of a tidy-up around the house, and now have a few things to put on Trade Me. We dropped into the Dixon St Deli for a quick coffee catch up with Gareth who flew out to Melbourne yesterday, before heading out to Queensgate for a bit of retail therapy. In the evening, I went out to Vivo for a lovely Italian meal and long overdue catch up with Marissa, Sally and Bex.

Today I went to church, and Mark managed to fit a bike ride in before we headed out to Beck's 3rd birthday at the Splash pool in Kilbirnie. Last week when Mark and Noah went to Karori pool after farewelling Grandma & Grandad, Noah found a newfound confidence and amazed Mark with his desire for jumping in off the side without any assistance at all! Mark said he lost count after about the 30th time! I will have to make sure I go along next time so I can see him in full flight too!

'Ooooo aaaaaarrrrr', pirate fun at Beck's pool party

The most fun part of the week has been our nightly Zorba the Greek dancing sessions. Noah has mastered some of the moves really well, and it has been an energetic but fun end to each day! Here's a video I took during the week of the boys showing off their moves!

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Catching the Magic said...

I'm cracking up here - wow - this video beats TV any day! What a pair of star Greek dancers - particularly loved the big 'Wait... wait... are you ready?'... then - way hey... they're off at double speed!


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