14 October 2009

Hungry Baby

Mylo has reached the 3-week mark and is doing ever so well on the growth front. For comparison with Noah at roughly the same time:

Mylo - Day 23
  • Birth weight - 3.34kg
  • Current Weight - 3.98kg (8 pd 12 oz)
  • Last week's weight gain - 380g
Noah - Day 26
  • Birth weight - 3.42kg
  • Weight - 3.75kg (8 pd 4 oz)
  • Last week's weight gain - 200g
It is hardly surprising that Mylo is putting on weight at nearly twice the rate Noah did given he seems to feed as much as 1-2 hourly during the day and 3-4 hourly overnight. I'm very happy that he's growing so well, but it is making for one extra tired mummy! He seems to have a never ending output, and has suffered from quite a lot of gas and explosions of poo of late, but again fairly expected given the rate at which he is able consume milk! I'm trying to get to bed straight after he's down for the night (somewhere between 8-9pm as I'm usually up again between 11.30pm and 1am). Mark then kindly brings Mylo up when he wakes so I get at least a couple of hours sleep without baby snuffling and grunting beside me - I had forgotten what noisy little critters newborns can be! I actually put his carrycot in our ensuite bathroom last night and shut the door after his 12am and 3am feeds rather than right beside me in bed, and think I slept much better for it! Sounds a little cruel probably but for me to be able to function at least half normally during the day it should help me get a little more deeper sleep. Once he has settled into one less night feed, I'll be more inclined to put him in his own room downstairs for the whole night, but for now it's so much easier to do it in the comfort of my bed.

Mylo has been a lot more alert in the past week and we have had some lovely smiles too which just melts your heart, lucky for him though as after quite a few unsettled days recently where he has only been sleeping for 20 minutes at a time, those smiles are sometimes all that keeps me going from one day to the next!

Nana arrived safely on Saturday night, and Noah is very much enjoying having her here. He has impressed us hugely with his ability to complete some more advanced jigsaw puzzles that she brought him (Postman Pat & Hairy McClary) with little or no help! I also took Noah to see the show Seasons at Capital E again on Saturday morning (which was a bit of a mission to try and time between Mylo's frequent feeding having not introduced a bottle as yet), but we made it in the end and Noah enjoyed sharing the experience with 'my daycare crew' as he calls them - George, Maya and Sam.

We were so saddened by the events of the past week surrounding the disappearance of the little 2-year old toddler in Auckland Aisling, and like everyone else around the country were praying for a happy ending, but it was not to be. The only positive to come out of it I guess was that at least the family had closure on finding her, rather than the unknown of never finding a body and always wondering whether she had been taken by someone. The fact that the family have their Christian faith to lean on must be some comfort to them at this time, but what a horrific ordeal for them to go through. It certainly makes you reaffirm your own love for your children that much more, and makes you realise what a precious gift from God they are, and to never take them for granted.

One little thing I have been meaning to share for a couple of weeks is of a rather unusual coincidence I discovered. Mark has a love of collecting Swatch watches, and has a few collectible ones displayed around the house. One night when I was feeding in bed, I looked over to our dresser and squinting in the half-light focused on the Swatch we have displayed there, and for the first time paid attention to the date, and noticed that it was in fact Mylo's birthdate! Amazing but true!

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Sarah Lee said...

That 'Swatch' coincidence is amazing! I can just picture you squinting through the darkness, in a haze of night feeds, to come across that revelation. So pleased that Mylo is thriving so well, but it's all down to you Meghan - well done! Full cream he's definitely getting!

The photos are great and big bro looks very proud of his little bro. Incredible expressions already - you have another bright button there!


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