21 October 2009

The One Month Milestone!

It is a already a month since Mylo arrived to forever change our household which we find very hard to believe!

Mylo is changing by the day, getting more alert and interested in everything around him. We've been discharged by the midwife now, and with flying colours. Mylo put on another 260g in 6 days, and weighs 4.25kg now (9pd 6oz). He is generally being a good boy, he can a little difficult to get to have long sleeps during the day, and is still feeding quite frequently. We tried him on a small bottle of expressed milk for the first time last night, and this disappeared in about 2 minutes flat - no worries about him taking the bottle then! Not that we expected him to have any trouble given how much he loves sucking on his dummy.

This past weekend, Mark and Noah made the most of some breaks in the weather to get our summer veges planted - peas, lettuce, and tomatoes. They only just got the garden finished (and watered!) before the heavens opened. The rain continued throughout the night and into the morning, getting more wild and southerly by the hour. But Mark and Noah braved the elements to go trout fishing with his daycare crew - the trout farm has an open day a few times a year and they guarantee that you'll come home with a fish. Noah really enjoyed the experience and was very proud of his little catch - 300g of trout. Poor Mark had the job of gutting and cleaning said trout which I think he found a bit gross - but he did a great job nonetheless and served us up a trout sandwich each for lunch.

In the afternoon, Mark and Noah went for a swim at Karori Pool, while Nana and I walked from home to the pool to get some much needed fresh air as Mylo was having a really unsettled day and I was more than ready for some time out of the house! Then Nana and Noah made a double batch of our favourite baking - lemon muffins, so Nana and I could take them to 2 different friends on Monday and Tuesday. Noah gets really involved in the kitchen these days, and loves helping - can be seen eating everything that goes into the mixture mind you - including the flour (just on its own!). He even made a great effort at putting the muffin mixture in the muffin patties much to Nana's amazement, and was rewarded with the ultimate treat - cleaning up the bowl afterwards!

Nana and I have had a lovely week or so, with a few trips to see friends, a few visits here at home, and a few DVDs watched which was the best way to pass the time with the poor weather we had most of last week. Nana has been able to get out for a walk every day though, and has also made use of my bike set up on the stationery bike trainer downstairs - I so love the thought of exercising again too, but so far it is rare for Mylo to sleep long enough, or for me to feel like I have enough energy to put in the effort required - I did try out the new Wii Fit Plus game briefly yesterday morning and got told by the trainer that it was 40 days since I had last been on - I guess I will get back to it all in good time. Nana has also been incredibly helpful, keeping up with all the mountains of washing we seem to have these days, baking yummy low fat muffins, helping out wih Noah etc - I am going to be a little bereft next week that's for sure! Poppa arrives late Friday so we will be able to enjoy a short weekend all together before they both fly home Sunday morning.

After a bit of a rough day on Sunday I was really debating whether I felt up to continuing long term with the breast feeding and still stay sane - I recall nearly giving up at about 6 weeks with Noah (because he was a bit of a fussy feeder), but persevering till 4 months in the end. However Mylo seems to have the opposite problem, i.e. is still feeding so frequently during the day and much more during the night than Noah ever did which I'm finding incredibly draining. At this point, I can't imagine having Noah at home with me a day a week whilst Mylo is still feeding so much as I think all he would end up doing is watching DVDs with me on the couch all day - which wouldn't compare to the fun and stimulation he gets with his friends at daycare. So at the moment, if I were to consider having him at home I think I would probably end up bottle feeding Mylo - which would have some advantages for us as a family but of course goes against the grain of what most people believe regarding 'breast is best' and all the pressure that goes along with that. My other option is to try to persevere with breast feeding till Christmas at least by which time Mylo will be 3 months, and wait to take Noah out of daycare for that day until the New Year as I will still have nearly 6 months at home with him. It's so tough to know what to do, and I know that people will have very definite opinions about what I 'should' be doing but for now I just want to put it out there, I'm not necessarily asking for advice and definitely don't want to be judged for even considering giving up breast feeding this early...the best advice I've heard so far is that 'a happy mummy equals a happy baby'. I will admit I have purchased a tin of formula just to keep in the cupboard as my last-ditch desperation back-up should I really feel unable to continue any longer. Some days this parenting business is just not easy, there are always so many things to feel guilty over, my big one is that I feel like I'm missing out on time with Noah at the moment and I so love spending time with him, gorgeous and fascinating little boy that he is, and yet I know I owe it to Mylo to give him the best start in life as well. So for now I think I will just take it one day at a time and try to make sure that any decisions I make are rational and are the best outcome for us as a whole family.

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Sarah Lee said...

I found it very hard in the first few months adjusting to two children; in the sense that my heart, energy and head were being pulled in different directions. However, after a few months, and definitely by the six month mark, the balance was restored and I adjusted to the new family dynamics. Don't worry, it will come and all that you are feeling is perfectly natural.

It sounds like you are doing a fantastic job on the breastfeeding front - though exhaustingly so too. You are so right in that, 'a happy mother equates to happy children'. You will make the right decision for you and your family. Just trust your instincts and do what feels best all round.

I found having Sophie in bed with me helped at night, but that isn't for everyone. I managed to partially sleep through the feeds and felt more rested than sitting up at night. But, I know this isn't for everyone.

Really feeling for you at this time, as I know your joy is also mixed with the extreme demands a new baby places on a woman's body, whilst trying to keep strong for Noah. I promise to bring round some home-cooked goodies for you next week and a big hug x Best wishes, Sarah x


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