20 February 2015

It's official: we are a bunch of crazies

Last July I dragged the whole family for a night away at Castlepoint, a tiny settlement at the end of the Earth. Well, it's at the end of a long road in the Wairarapa so it might as well be the end of the Earth. I was hoping to get some good sunset and sunrise photos - luckily the planets aligned and I took what it is still one of my favourite dawn-lighthouse shots here.

Whilst tidying up the computer files the other day I came across a series of short videos that Mark and the boys had taken on his underwater camera from the morning we were standing up at the lighthouse waiting for the sunrise. It was freezing and windy - being a 7am start in mid-winter.

It makes for some funny viewing (even if just for us anyway!).

There's a screaming banshee, some ninja moves, unusual running commentaries, a bit of a whoopsy daisy as the camera has a slight accident falling off the railing. Seeing the sun coming up on screen is pretty sweet and then I'm pretty sure there's someone checking out my butt, a bit of rock throwing and feeding the ducks at Rivendell and maybe even a pip pop?! It's all happening I tell ya!

I'm so glad that we have this memory of this wee trip away - I know I take a lot of still shots which capture the moments but there's something really cool about actually seeing and hearing the fun you had on an adventure too - especially months later!

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