17 June 2015

Escape from reality in Rarotonga #1

The week we had away in Rarotonga couldn't have been better timed. Or worse timed depending on how you look at it.

It hit us smack bang in the middle of our move from Wellington to Cambridge - we'd said our farewells and would have only two more days in Wellington when we got back to pack up the house and go. So it seemed a bit crazy to be disappearing overseas on a tropical holiday right in the middle of it all.....right?!

But that's what we did. The trip had been planned for ages and as it was essentially a trip over for my brother's wedding, it wasn't like we could just reschedule it at a later date, and as the wedding photographer I also had some important duties to perform on the day!

On our first day in Rarotonga, we headed straight for the beach as we had two boys just ITCHING to get in the water. It's a good thing we did as by lunchtime the clouds rolled in and the rain bucketed down - hey it is a tropical island and rain is just part and parcel of what you can expect.

After the very long day before to get to Raro, we were still feeling the effects of the travel and although it was unplanned found ourselves dozing for two hours in bed that afternoon - quite luxurious while the rain was pelting down outside.

Later that day we met up with the rest of the family for a Mexican meal at La Casita - cheap and tasty food and a great chance to catch up on the past eight months since we last saw Nic and Kim. Maia was made up that she got to sit with her big boy cousins - I think you can tell that from this pic right?!

The next couple of days were spent alternating between the pool and the beach - our boys spent most of their time in the pool as they could play more water games there - catch, jumping in off the rock etc but we also spent a fair amount of time down at the beach too - soaking in the sights of the beach in the glorious sunshine, drinking coffee and ten indulging cocktails later in the afternoon (as you do on holiday!).

And hanging out with cutie patootie Maia who is now 18 months (and of course her mama and papa) was something I'd been really looking forward to too.

And I'll just have to elaborate more on our family hangouts on holiday in the next post!

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