31 August 2015

Charging for the goal....

There's only one week left now in this year's winter football season.

We started the season in April back in Wellington and after about five or so games moved to Cambridge in early June - just a few weeks into their season which starts a few weeks .

Noah has been playing up a grade in the 10th grade since there was no space in the 9th grade when we arrived. And he's been playing out of his skin from the minute he got here.

He's scored every single game so far - and in a couple of games he has been the only goal scorer . His team, the Chargers haven't lost a single game since we arrived.

It's so great to see the confidence playing in this team, and having such a great strike rate has given him. He's hungry for the ball. He goes into the games expecting to score and chasing hard the whole game. It's been a joy to watch him play with such enthusiasm.

We are lucky to have such a great location for our home games at John Kerkhof park here in Cambridge.

And Mario in these photos above and below (who has coached the kids this year) is the grandson of John Kerkhof himself.

Those are indeed cows watching our game from just over the fence - I still have to pinch myself that we get to live in such a beautiful spot.

The boys Noah's been playing with in the team are all such lovely boys.

They welcomed Noah into the team immediately. You can clearly see the camaraderie when they congratulate each other on hard-fought and won goals.

At this grade of football, the boys know how to play in position and know their roles in the team.

Noah has been mostly playing in the midfield and he's not been afraid to run all over the field to get at the ball. A few of his goals have been great runs up the sideline with a composed finish getting it past the keeper into the back of the net.

Compared to a season in Wellington where it wasn't uncommon to have 5-6 games a season cancelled due to bad weather, we've had only called off due to wet grounds after days of rain.

And unlike games in Wellington where you could normally expect a bitter wind that was enough to knock you off your feet at times and sometimes horizontal drizzle, most weeks have been been lovely sunshine and blue skies and it felt almost tropical watching this game a few days shy of Spring beginning.

I love this shot - Luca on the sideline has just thrown the ball in and it looks the boy on the opposite team is trying to karate chop it!

As much as I'll be glad to get our Saturday mornings freed up again (who knows I might even get to take my dusty camera out again to capture some sunrises!), I'll sure miss watching these boys play - they've made it a great and entertaining season to watch and it's been a wonderful introduction to a new club for our football loving boy.

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