06 July 2008

A visit from GeeGee and a party to boot!

Well this has been an action packed long weekend for us. GeeGee arrived from New Plymouth on a plane Thursday afternoon, so Noah and I took the opportunity to do a bit of plane spotting before her plane arrived. We were so intent on plane spotting that we must have missed GeeGee walking right past us when her plane arrived...silly billies!

Noah was very excited to see GeeGee (and not a bit shy which for him is pretty good going), and he was very excited to show her all his toys when we got home. We had a lovely day together on Friday, making the most of a glorious morning to take a walk up to the park. On the way there we were very excited to discover that there were not one, not two, but THREE diggers doing some work on the road which we never would have seen had we not gone for the walk. The nice construction men said that Noah could get up on the little blue digger, so we had great fun pretending to drive it for a few minutes.


Later in the day, we came to town and enjoyed a look around Te Papa for a couple of hours. GeeGee even ran into some friends from Palmerston North while we had a coffee in the cafe...small world..that could only happen in New Zealand! Then as the weather had turned very sour, we picked up Daddy from work on the way home and dropped him off at our new local fish n chippie to get us all dinner. We were more than impressed with the food so will definitely be getting our takeaways from there when we next decide to treat ourselves.

Saturday we enjoyed a lovely breakfast together at Eva Dixons cafe before onto the supermarket shopping and then a look around The Warehouse's annual toy sale, where GeeGee kindly bought Noah an early birthday present, a great crane & digger set which he had fun playing with yesterday afternoon. It was really cold yesterday, to the extent that we actually (REALLY TRULY) had some snow fall at midday for a few minutes.


Then sadly it was time for GeeGee to return home, and as it turns out she flew out just in time, as yet another weather bomb hit us just as the first TriNations rugby test kicked off at the Stadium. In the end, the rugby got off quite lightly as it was only raining for most of the game, and the southerly gales didn't hit till right at the end. We wouldn't have thought that last Saturday's night's ferocious weather could be topped, but the wind overnight last night and for most of today was equally as fierce and rampant.

This morning we whizzed round doing all the housework (Noah helping out with his Elmo hoover), and then this afternoon we went out to our 2nd antenatal birthday party which I had organised. It was lovely to see all the children again, all growing so fast and all with such cute and different personalities.

On the couch from left is Emma, Charlie, Noah, Grace, and Piper

Now I really should get back to some study...next workshop looming this coming weekend, and Mark will be away in Auckland 2 days Thursday/Friday, so no doubt it'll be another busy week ahead!

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