21 July 2008

Just what the doctor ordered

We have just returned from a lovely long weekend with Nana & Poppa, which was just what we needed after a fairly tough week of full-on sickness last week. Noah came down with a nasty cold bug last weekend and was off daycare all week. This threw us into our usual challenge of juggling work, study and looking after a poorly boy. Easier said than done when we were both feeling rather average ourselves at points over the week, Mark with a really bad tooth and me with a gammy eye.

Needless to say it was a bit of a relief to be able to get outside the four walls of home and have a change of scenery for the weekend relaxing at Nana & Poppa's. The weather was pretty damp, but we managed a few outings between the various rain showers, visiting the local wildlife (donkeys, cows, horses, sheep), watching Uncle Sam play rugby and enjoying some yummy coffee/fluffy cafe outings.

Otherwise, we just enjoyed hanging out in and around the house, playing with Uncle Nic and Sam's old toys, and running around outside chasing pukekos and jumping up and down Poppa's mounds of dirt (one was definitely a 'dinosaur' and another one 'a pirate ship'). We have uploaded the cutest video of Noah on a mini mound of dirt doing his own version of a dance to King of the Castle!

Being at home with Noah during last week wasn't all bad as we did enjoy a nice afternoon at Wellington Zoo on Tuesday afternoon, making the most of the annual zoo passes we have just purchased. There were so many animals out on show that we went around twice, I was amazed at how up close and personal we got to them, however that was a bit lost on Noah as he probably expected that as a matter of course! I found it rather endearing how fascinated he was with wanting to watch the 'pelipins' aka pelicans because he associated them with Nigel the pelican from Nemo!

We are hoping that we can have a 'normal' week this week, it is certain to be another busy one with Mark away again on Thursday/Friday for a work roadshow in Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch. My study suffered a bit of a setback last week, as having to take 3 days off work looking after Noah meant every spare minute was taken up trying to get some 'work' work done, so I hope I can catch up a bit this week.

Just one last thing, Noah was most spoilt by Nana dishing up 'ice-keen' every night, and it was nice to see him finally get his appetite back by the end of the weekend. Though we can't forget that it is Noah's birthday in less than two weeks' time, as he is already been practicing for it......

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