25 January 2009

Hanging with Jackie

Noah & Jackie enjoying a fluffy/coffee & a bit of Horton hears a Who

Noah has had a fun weekend, much of which was spent hanging out with Jackie (my friend and colleague). We went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button together on Friday night so it made sense for Jackie to stay the night and then she kindly babysat for us last night so we could go out to Marissa's 30th birthday party. We also went to George's 3rd birthday at Te Papa, which was heaps of fun. They had a room all set up for the kids to listen to stories and half the room was behind a curtain which was opened up after several stories to become a lovely room of adventure for the children to play in. There were sea creatures, farm animals and a bridge to try to fish off.

The children listen intently to the farmyard stories which set the scene
And we're off to feed the animals, hey look a Mummy duck & a baby duck
It's Bruce the Shark! How tall am I....about 92 cms I think!
We found some eggs under the hen! Magnetic fishing provides good fun
I caught me a stingray. Party time at Te Papa
George makes short work of his three candles while Noah eyes up the cake

Noah had a ball at the party, but was also equally interested in going to see the 'scary pig'. On the few occasions we have been to Te Papa, we have usually visited the native animal section and there is a rather big and mean-looking bush pig which used to scare Noah out of his wits. We talked about it before we went, how it wasn't real, just pretend, so he conquered his fears and even told the pig about the cut he had on his finger and how he had to wear a plaster. I was so proud of him for wanting to go and see it, and for not chickening out when it came to it.

This morning Mark went out for a bike, so Noah, Jackie and I went to the Open Day at the Island Bay Marine Education Centre where there were various tanks of fish, turtles, lobsters, seashorses, and some fantastic open display tanks where you could touch shells, seaweed, sea cucumbers, starfish, and limpits. Even I was a little nervous about touching some of the stuff, but Jackie was brave enough to pick up a starfish after a fashion. Then we explored the rockpools for a while so Noah could indulge his desire to 'throw stones in the sea'.

Fun on the South Coast

This afternoon was spent doing some mega spring cleaning in advance of our special visitors who arrive one week today! I don't think the house has ever looked so clean, or certainly not since we tried to sell this time last year anyway! And we are thrilled to hear that Grandma & Grandad have arrived safely in Hong Kong and have already found time to enjoy a harbour cruise and a dim sum lunch! See you next week!

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