15 February 2009

The Garden takes Shape & Dance moves

This has been a slightly less frenetic week, much needed after the busyness of last weekend. That being said, we still enjoyed an adult's meal out on Wednesday night at our favourite stomping ground from 2 years ago, The Tasting Room on Courtenay Place. We all had lovely hearty meals, and learnt our lesson, only sharing one Spicy Cheese Fondue starter between all of us before our huge mains arrived!

This week has also showed great progress on our landscaping which is now all completed bar the grass growing. It is surprising how large the area now looks with the retaining wall completed to flatten out the area and all the old garden removed! It is also nice to know the section is now fully fenced and child-proofed for future years! What a great job our lovely friend Andrew has done for us.....cheers mate!

Friday night we had Shannon and Guy over for an indoors BBQ, the weather having turned awfully nasty on Thursday, with heavy rain and flooding across much of the North Island. Poppa is happy up in Hamilton though as it means their water tank is full again after a decided lack of rain in recent weeks. It was great for Mum & Dad (UK) to catch up with Shannon & Guy, and we then had Becky, Jonny & baby Brooke over for a very Kiwi brunch - pancakes, bacon and banana drenched in maple syrup on Saturday morning.

After Noah's lunchtime nap, we headed into Moore Wilsons to show Grandma & Grandad the cool household wares, toys and gourmet food departments. And surprise, surprise we ran into Noah's daycare friend George in the toy section, so after we had finished our shopping, we met them up at the park for the two boys to enjoy a great runaround and letting off of steam.

Saturday night, us adults sat down and enjoyed watching Slumdog Millionaire. None of us knew had any idea what to expect from it, but we were all extremely blown away by by it, and I for one, think it thoroughly deserves all the award wins and nominations it has had so far this year. It will be interesting to see if it takes out the Best Picture at the Academy Awards next weekend, after already taking out the Best Picture at the BAFTAs and Golden Globes so far.

Today (Sunday), Mark went out for a very long ride (doing the whole Karapoti course -50kms of hard slog on a mountain bike), I went to church, leaving Grandma, Grandad & Noah to their baking in the kitchen. By all accounts, the kitchen was an absolute wreck but the pussycast and aeroplane shortbread that resulted was well worth all the mess!

We had a hilarious few minutes yesterday afternoon when Daddy & Noah decided to get into the groove and do some dancing to Moby. I've uploaded two videos of the fun they had...there's definitely some rhythm there!

This week we're hoping to have another meal out together on Friday night before heading out to Raumati for 5 days to stay at the beach house. It will be made all the more special by the fact that we this is the very same beach house where we got married 5 years ago, and is quite a treat to be able to stay there on the night of our 5 year wedding anniversary with our lovely family! We're then back in Wellington for one night (Wed 25th) before all 5 of us fly up to Hamilton to spend a long weekend with Nana & Poppa.

As we won't have Internet access at the beach, we'll look forward to updating you all in two week's time!

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