29 March 2009

Key calamities and a Butterfly Update

This has been another low key week for us. The only real drama of the week was Friday night when Noah and I caught the bus home. It was all going swimmingly until we got off the bus at about 5.45pm and walking down Zetland Street I had a sudden realisation that I didn't have a key to get in the house. I had a key to all the patio doors but we always leave the latches up (far too security conscious!) so that wasn't much help. I tried to unlock the back door and force the latch (the only door that only has one latch rather than too). After about 10 minutes I gave up, I guess they are called security latches for a reason! I had already tried to contact Mark who was managing a golf hole at a client day out but didn't want to rely on him getting back to me in time to rescue us. As it turns out God was definitely on our side, Noah and I had spotted Jackie in Lambton Quay from the bus window and she always has a front door key. So a rescue call was made, Jackie was thankfully still in town and about 20 minutes later Jackie and her friend arrived on their white horse (aka a cab) to rescue us.

We managed to feed and water Noah and I then dropped Jackie and her friend at her friend's house a few minutes drive away (but had to drive illegally with Noah in the front seat of the car and no child seat). Talk about feeling like a bad parent! Anyhow, we got back home in one piece and had a nice bath together to relax and destress. When Daddy got home at 8pm, he was most surprised to see Noah still up, but as it turns out hadn't checked his phone to receive my text or phone message so just lucky we didn't have to rely on him otherwise it would have been a long, cold wait! I bet that Grandma can associate with us as a similar thing happened to her when she got home earlier than Grandad one day. I'm definitely getting a couple more keys cut to the front door on Monday!

Saturday Noah, Jackie and I went to visit my old colleague Rama who had her second baby, Kohurangi about 6 weeks ago. It was great to catch up with her as well as Anneliese, and nice to have the old M-co Corporate Services crew back together again if just for the morning! Noah also enjoyed playing with Rama's little boy Te Aorere in the sandpit.

In the afternoon, we hung out at home playing with LEGO before a quick trip to the garden centre. Last night, Mark and I observed Earth Hour between 8.30-9.30, turning off the computer, TV, and all the lights in the house. We had a great vantage point from our upstairs bedroom, but it didn't seem as if there were that many other people joining in. Maybe it will take a few years of celebrating this as an annual event before it truly catches on. Apparently, NZ saved 3.5% energy over the hour it was observed, so still a great effort from those who participated.

Earth Hour as seen from our bedroom window

This morning was our first family trip to the ducks in a very long time, and Noah was really confident on the big slide, flying fox and swing. This afternoon we also went for an awesome swim at Karori Pool together. I was astounded at how Noah has grown in confidence, he is tall enough to walk around in the pool now, and also has absolutely no fear jumping in whether one of us is right there to catch him or not! He is totally happy going under water, using a kick board and throwing a ball to us standing on his own in the water. Wow, they do grow up fast!

Stepping stones at the Botanical Gardens and the boys tackle the Flying Fox

Monarch butterfly update:This week we have been amazed to see a solitary butterfly emerge from the only chrysalis we have left. Of the 21 or so caterpillars that devoured our swan plant till there was nothing but sticks left, only 2 made it to chyrsalis stage. Then one died before it had a chance to hatch, and after four weeks with no apparent activity we weren't holding out any hope that the remaining one would survive. However, the butterfly chose the perfect day to make a grand appearance (Saturday afternoon when we were all at home). We were very excited to see him emerge into the bright sunshine, and he couldn't have chosen a more perfect day - certainly the warmest of the past week. And it was lovely that Jackie was with us to share in the experience.

Our beautiful butterfly emerges from his chrysalis to the bright sunshine

We continued to watch the butterfly throughout Saturday and Sunday but he didn't seem very keen or able to fly away. Tonight (Monday) we rescued him (or her)and brought him inside as it is meant to rain tomorrow. We have searched the Internet to see if we have any plants suitable for food, as butterflies are keen on plants with nectar. The best we could come up with was rosemary and daphne, but we at least feel like we are doing something to help. One of his wings seems quite damaged, and we are not sure if he was simply too long in the chrysalis stage and outgrew his little cocoon long before he decided to venture out. It has been a learning experience for us all watching this beautiful creature start life as a miniscule white egg, turning into a fat and colourful caterpillar before wrapping itself up to go into solitary and quiet confinement before emerging as such a beautiful and graceful butterfly. Even if our butterfly isn't able to fly away and reproduce, it has been a joy to watch this circle of life.

Next weekend, we are off to the Naki (just for Saturday night) to catch up with GeeGee, Nana and Poppa. Noah is already talking about going to the lake to see the birdies, the tunnel and the fountain in the lake. We might have to take our togs and see if we can squeeze in a trip to the wave pool whilst we are there. Till then...!

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Catching the Magic said...

Stunning butterfly photographs! We've been loving watching our hungry caterpillars on the swan plants too - but only one has made it to a chyrsalis - and there's no sign of a butterfly yet... we've been waiting a long time! However, we have seen plenty of Monarchs flying in the garden and there are still lots of plump caterpillars happily munching - so finger's crossed they make it! It's such an incredible miracle of nature to watch.

Glad you got into your house in the end.

Love the Botanical Gardens pics - always a fav of ours!



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