23 May 2009

From wild, wild weather to a warm, warm house

Last night was the windiest night we have ever known in this house. And the past few days have been some of the coldest May weather ever known in NZ, see this link from Stuff on all the early snow we've had 'Cold front blasts away autumn'. Today winds of up to 140km/hr lashed Wellington cancelling all ferry sailings and cancelling flights, see the early morning prediction in this news article 'It's going to get rough'.

We headed out to Lyall Bay this morning for a brunch catch up with the rest of the daycare crew at the Maranui Surf Cafe. Lyall Bay is on the South Coast, and even the short dash from the car to the cafe exposed us to the full force of the southerly gales. We all had the taste of sand in our mouths by the time we got indoors. The cafe is buzzing from very early in the morning, so even when we arrived at 9.30am, it was packed. We had great views of the waves crashing over the breakwater near the airport, and all the kids had a ball taking turns riding on the 50c camel ride.

We've had 2 days worth of work done on installing a ducted heat pump system early this week, and then the workmen requested to come and spend today on it so they could at least get the living areas up and running. It was quite possibly the worst day of the year to have to spend the whole day out of the house, but we had a lovely day in spite of it.After the cafe outing, we dropped the supermarket shopping at home before heading out to Upper Hutt to check out the Silverstream Railway Museum. It turns out we should have done a little checking beforehand, as when we got there we found out its only open on Sundays. Well the drive out and back gave Noah a chance to have a wee nap so it wasn't a completely wasted journey. We then made our way to the Museum of Wellington and caught up with George and Sam from daycare there. The kids had fun playing in the recreated ship's cabin, and watching 2 short movies on NZ, one on Maori legends and the other on the Wahine disaster. Watching the coverage of this terribly sad event that occurred on a stormy day much like today was quite sobering, especially as we had not long driven past the ferry terminal and seen all 3 ferries docked at the harbour with no intention of braving the wild seas.

We then headed to One Red Dog for some fries before heading to the library to seek out some books in a warm dry spot. At 5pm we headed home to find the workmen still hard at work, but at 6pm they finally called it a night having managed to complete the installation in the living areas.

We had already decided to get Chinese takeaways for the first time in years having been recommended the chinese takeaway in Karori by Sophary, George's mum. By the time we got back to the house, we walked into the warmest, loveliest lounge and dining area ever. In fact, as we were enjoying our Chinese, we started realising how warm we actually were and had to open the doors up to the rest of the house. Even without the system working in the rest of the house, our room upstairs has already warmed up about 5 degrees from what it was last night. Wow.

I've been fighting a nasty cold and sore throat all week, but somehow managed to drag myself into work every day. Thankfully I have started to feel a little more human again today just in time to enjoy today's activities. I'm starting to really notice Baby's growth now, and my belly is expanding at an ever increasing rate. He is certainly an active wee soul, with the kicks and somersaults he's turning at this point already giving me much entertainment throughout the day...though whether I'll still be feeling quite the same way about it in a few week's time as he grows even bigger remains to be seen.

Last weekend was a very quiet one, with Mark letting me have 2 girl's catch ups both Saturday with my church life group gals and Sunday with 2 of my ex-M-co friends, so there were no photos taken and not a lot to report.

Next weekend we are heading up to the Naki for the long Queens Birthday weekend to see GeeGee, Nana and Poppa. I'm half hoping some of the snow that fell up there stays around for the week, as it would very cool (excuse the pun!)for Noah to have his first experience of snow!

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