08 May 2009

A little brother for Noah.....

We are pleased to announce that we are going to be adding another little boy to the family in September! All went well with the scan, and everything appeared normal and growing as it should be. It was made all the more special that GeeGee was able to come along to the scan, and at eighty-something it was her first ever ultrasound experience, I think she found it all very intriguing and was amazed by how much detail you could see, and more than anything so happy to have been included in such a special family moment.

Here are a few of the scan pics, which I'm sure the grandparents will be keen to see!

Whilst it would have also been nice to have one of each (i.e. boy and girl), I wasn't holding out great hope that it would be a girl, given the weighting of boys to girls in both of our combined families. We knew that Noah will be such a loving, caring big brother regardless of whether the new addition was a boy or girl, but hopefully they can be good buddies and do lots of 'boy' stuff together, playing trains, football, lego, rough and tumble etc! The practical me also recognises it'll be a little easier on the wallet as we already have all the 'boy' gear!

And so now it remains to choose a name......! Unlike Noah, who was always going to be 'Noah' from the minute we knew he was a boy at his 20-week scan, trying to find another boy's name that we like equally as much hasn't been quite as straightforward....but we're working on it, or rather I'm working on Mark, I have a name I really like which Mark wasn't that keen on to start with, but he may be slowly coming around.....at least I've still got 20 weeks to work on it!

Anyway, just a quick update, as we're off to enjoy a lovely weekend with GeeGee! She was lucky to arrive at all today, it was a bit touch and go as to whether she'd make it to the scan as her flight was delayed by 20 minutes due to the weather, and even getting from the car into the airport terminal and back again proved to be an exercise in how to get a maximum soaking in a minimum amount of time. Nevertheless, once we were safely tucked up here at home this afternoon, we shut out thoughts of the wicked rain in the outside world and have just enjoyed being warm and cosy together!

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Catching the Magic said...

Oh wow! How very special that 'GeeGee' could be there! Am so delighted to hear all is going well with bubs. A few year's from now they'll be having such a ball together and will no doubt grow to be awesome friends. Charli and Sophie are so close these days, and it's awesome to see.

Best wishes for a fabulous weekend and some inspiration on the name front - all in good time!

Sarah x


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