08 June 2009

In memory of Marigold

This week we recieved the sad news that Mark's Auntie in South Africa passed away....We want to therefore dedicate this post to Marigold and all the fun and laughter she bought to our lives.

From Mark - I always remember Auntie Marigold for being heaps of fun and up for a good feed! One particular memory will always be with me......I was on my way home from New Zealand after having my year out from University and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit South Africa. Uncle John and Auntie Marigold put on the most amazing itinerary for me including gambling at Sun City (ha ha - only joking mum!), a safari in the Kruger Park and then a mammoth overland trip from the Highveld to the Cape. Well, whilst on this trip we stopped at numerous 'watering holes' to recharge the batteries one of which was the Karoo National Park.....It was late, so we all just bedded down for the night and met early doors for some breakfast. Auntie Marigold knew that I liked my meat (at the time when I was a 'little' larger) and apparently the Karoo was famous for its Lamb. Having just come from the land of Sheep, I wasn't too bothered that I had missed out on a nice evening meal of Lamb chops in the famous Karoo National Park.....as it turned out Marigold had other ideas! We went for breakfast in the hotel we had stayed in and I ordered the cooked breakfast (pretty standard eggs, sausages, bacon and toast). Unbeknownst to me...Marigold had 'struck' a deal with the chef! She had only ordered me 4 'massive' lamb chops to have with my breakfast at about 8 o'clock in the morning....I was made up of course having Lamb chops (famous ones at that) at 8am for breakfast.....nice one Auntie Marigold...you always looked after me.

I think that everyone who met Auntie Marigold really got to meet her..... she was probably the most sociable person I have met and incredibly good fun. So many different people will miss you as you really did have a place in everyones hearts. I am so glad I got to spend time with you, especially on my two trips to South Africa.

Memories of Marigold from Mark and Meg's 2002 trip to South Africa

Memories of Marigold from our NZ wedding 2004

Uncle John, we are so sorry for your loss and wish we could be there with you and the rest of the family. Special thoughts go out to John, Jackie and Guy and of course all of your lovely families. May all the beautiful 'Marigold Memories' live on....

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