21 June 2009

We're all going on an aeroplane....several times!

A quiet weekend at home, as poor Noah has a nasty, barking cough. In spite of this, he has been in good spirits and we've had plenty of home made fun. This has mostly involved riding in aeroplanes in the tent and tunnel set and under the bed covers.

We clipped tickets for all who boarded which included Noah, Mummy, Daddy, his 2 'George' monkeys, his teddy bear and Coco the serval cat. We had fun telling stories about what we see when we go to the zoo (the plane's destination), and we had breakfast in the plane this morning and muffins for afternoon tea in there too. We changed location later today and the plane became the bed in the spare room. We hid under the covers (Murphy included) for quite some time, chatting and playing happily while Mark made us dinner. Last night we indulged in fish n chips from our local chippie and they have yet to disappoint!

We have been on the lookout for a birthday party venue for Noah for a few weeks (3 years old is only just around the corner now!) and have a few options having visited another place yesterday, so now just need to make a final decision and get the invitations out!

One funny moment this week was when we were eating dinner and Murphy kept trying to jump up on my lap. Mark said 'Murphy's a naughty poo poo isn't he?' to which Noah replied 'We don't use toilet words Daddy'. That told you Daddy!

I went to a parent's workshop at daycare on Thursday night and found it very informative. It is often difficult to get time to find out in detail what goes on when you're surrounded by lots of kids and noise at 5pm each night. As a result we encouraged Noah to participate in show and tell on the Friday (as we hadn't really been up with play of it till now) - he took in a wooden fish that looks like Dory that we got from the Maldives, and will continue to look out for other things that he can take each week.

I am having a bit of a busy time at work at the moment with the move to NZX offices scheduled for the end of this week. I ended up having to go back to work on Friday night once Noah was in bed so I could get some packing done (till 10pm), so not the most exciting Friday night I've ever had, but it meant the rest of the weekend I could switch off and not think about work which has been nice. No doubt it'll be another hectic week ahead before the move, so I'll be very much looking forward to another quiet weekend to have a bit of downtime with the family!

The drawers and bookcase from the baby's room are now down in the garage waiting for me to find time to sand and paint them, and then I'll be encouraging Mark to get onto painting the room. With only 3 months to go now, it's probably a good time to start getting prepared! I suddenly thought this week that I haven't been taking any regular 'bump' shots, and now that there is definitely a bump to see, cornered Mark into taking a couple of shots for me! We also seem to have tied our names down a final 2, so making definite progress finally! But if you ask Noah what the baby is going to be called, he has already come up with his own name....... 'Pluto'. Well he is my favourite Disney character, but rest assured it's not one of the ones on our shortlist!

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