04 October 2009

Quiet Days

Well week 2 of being a family of four has passed reasonably uneventfully with mostly quiet days at home for me, Mark and Mylo with Noah still at daycare each day. We have enjoyed watching a few movies, reading magazines, indulging in a lunchtime curry, and generally relaxing.

The midwife visited on Wednesday but as Mylo had only just gone to sleep we decided not to wake him up to weigh him (and rather glad we didn't as he slept for 3 hours in the end). She's back again tomorrow so we will endeavour to weigh him then. I'm hoping he will have had a good weight gain as he has still been feeding every 2 hours (if not more sometimes) during the day.

Mylo's first real outing was on Friday when we went down to see the World Press Photo Exhibition (the best photos from press around the world over the past year on various subjects such as the Chinese earthquake, the financial 'shock', the 5-day war between Georgia/Russia, the Olympics and life in general from around the planet). There are always some very shocking photos, click on the link to see one which particularly moved me which won 1st Prize Daily Life . I thought it terribly sad that the children look so accustomed to seeing death as such a normal part of their daily lives. Mylo stayed happily asleep in the stroller (its first outing since we bought it all those months ago!) the whole time, and we even managed a yummy muffin/coffee at Mojo whilst out too.

Mylo was then extremely unsettled all afternoon, which may or may not have been completely unrelated to the trip out, but the poor mite seemed quite in pain and couldn't sleep, it was as if he had a lot of gas to try and get rid of and just couldn't. Thankfully, it didn't last past his bedtime though as I had expected to be up all night with him given how unsettled he was.

We are enjoying getting to know each other a little better every day, this wee morsel seems to have no problem with his output so at least we know he is getting enough milk when most nappy changes are completely full of wee/poo. In myself, I have been extremely weary some days, even more so than with I did with Noah as a newborn, which I put down to having a toddler in the house too, I certainly take my hat off to all the mums out there who do this newborn stage with a toddler at home full-time, I don't know how they do it! I find it tiring enough just putting on 'game face' for 2 hours in the evening and for the 2 days in the weekend to parent two children, let alone for the whole week! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful hubbie who has cooked delicious, nutritious meals (when we haven't had meals given to us), and generally run around after me the past two weeks, as well as taking the lead role in parenting Noah as I'm so often out of action feeding Mylo or sleeping.

Noah had his first ever 'sleepover' with George last night, by all accounts it went well but it did seem very strange not having him bouncing around the house early this morning. Mylo did me proud last night sleeping his first 6.5 hour stretch between feeds which was well-timed as I felt in desperate need of more than 1-2 hours sleep in one go. I woke with a start at 1.30am though and had to come downstairs to check that he was still alive as my body (my milk in particular!) was wondering what was going on!

Mark is back to work this week (boooo!), and I have not a thing planned in at this stage (i.e. not even any visitors lined up although I'm sure I will end up having one or two!), so I hope to use it as another quiet week of mostly resting when Mylo lets me! Then Mum (aka Nana) arrives on Saturday night for a 2-week stay, and I'm sure to be glad of some company again then. I'm sure that Noah will enjoy having Nana here as it will be someone else to entertain him too.

My shot of the week has to be this one of Noah and Mylo together....lush!

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Jackie said...

Heeeey! Why's that silly photo up there! Haha. As soon as you sent it to me I was showing EVERYONE at work. I'm such a show off sometime. Sure am glad to have finally got Scratette! Now I don't have to eat all those Kinder Eggs anymore ;)! Cute photo of Noah and Mylo!!! Hope you guys are alllll good! x


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