27 September 2009

Tiptoeing through the tulips....

Blurb to follow tomorrow - am off to get some sleep - a precious commodity these days!

Monday update:

We have survived Week 1! It has mostly been very good, but a few challenging moments along the way as one might expect getting used to having a newborn in the house again. Mylo's hearty appetite has made me pretty tired as he seems to want to feed 1-2 hourly during the day and 3-4 hourly overnight. (At the same time, Noah was sleeping for about 6 hours straight overnight). Not only that but when he feeds, he can easily go for up to an hour (where Noah was always keen to get what he needed and get finished again!) Naturally, all that milk has to go somewhere but even so we cannot believe how many full nappies we are going through in a day!

He seems to want to cluster feed during the day, so we are only getting one longish sleep out of him during the day with other sleep sessions just naps with the dummy in where he's only really dozing...shades of his big brother Noah there already!

Noah has been a brilliant big brother so far, and we are trying to heap as much praise on him as we can for doing so well. He has his moments though where its obvious he is trying to adjust to not being able to get our (particularly my) undivided attention. However, life has continued much the same for him with daycare each day. On Saturday Mark took him (along with the rest of the daycare crew) to see the movie UP. Mark came home raving about the movie, and said it was a real tearjerker even in the first five minutes (best I don't watch it till my hormones have settled down a tad methinks!), although that side of it was probably a bit lost on the kids.

Then on Sunday, Mark and Noah walked down to the Tulip Festival at the Botanic Gardens, meeting up with George & Phoebe for some fun amongst the glorious tulip displays. There was traditional Dutch dancing and food to be sampled, but the kids were just as happy letting off some energy up at the park before a quick stop at the cable car museum, an iceblock and home again. We particularly love the cute photos of Noah and Phoebe having a wee cuddle...!

Mark has another week off work (which I am grateful for!), and with a few less visitors planned so far, we will hopefully have a reasonably quiet week at home. It is funny how this time around I am in no hurry to get out and about with Mylo, the only time he has left the house since arriving home from the hospital was for a quick trip down to daycare to pick up Noah one night. I seem to remember us getting out to antenatal, church and a few other excursions in the early days with Noah, but so far I am finding myself very happy to exist within the four walls of home!

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Sophie Slim said...

Hi Meghan, what was the age gap between the two brothers?! :)


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