23 September 2009


I've been quite interested looking back at early photos of Noah the past couple of days to see how similar Mylo looks (or otherwise). So here's a few more photos of Mylo taken over the past couple of days, and then a few of Noah at a similar age. We can definitely see some resemblances between the two boys in some of the shots!

Mylo's Early Days

Noah's Early Days

Will post a bigger update on how our early days with Mylo are progessing soon, but suffice to say we are totally besotted with him, and completely in love. He is a fantastic feeder (which meant my milk started coming in after 36 hours which is very fast). I was hoping to escape it this time, but have suffered somewhat engorged breasts the past 2 days, but Mylo is a little feeding machine so he is helping me out as much as he can in that department. We have had a couple of very good nights where he has fed well at regular 3 or so hourly intervals and then gone straight back to sleep after each feed. We have our 5-day weigh in and head-to-toe checkup tomorrow, but I will be very surprised if he has lost much weight as he has been feeding so well.

Otherwise, Mark and I are just enjoying this week at home together, so far it has been a wonderful time of bonding with our gorgeous boy, showing him off to a few visitors and to various family on Skype!

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Sarah Lee said...

He is so gorgeous and very like his big brother too. I loved the photos. It's so wonderful to hear how amazingly well this first week is going and great that he's feeding and settling back to sleep so smoothly. Sounds like a very precious and magical time you are all sharing. Best wishes x


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