06 September 2009

Fantastic Fathers Day....

I hope you enjoyed and got a giggle out of the post we put up below this one of the baby's tummy antics. But back to the rest of our life now....

Last weekend I was busy all day Saturday at a church women's conference, it was nice to spend the day with Sally & Marissa and also receive some lovely teaching from the speaker Tracey May. I managed to duck out during the mid-afternoon break to catch up with my boys, and we headed out to Upper Hutt to visit JP and Leah and their new baby, Grayson who was born 10 days earlier. They seem to be lovely, relaxed first-time parents and they were very kind to let both of us have a hold so we could get in some practice of what holding a newborn is like again...wow he was so tiny!

Sunday afternoon we went to a first birthday party for Baby Brooke as Noah calls her (although we can't really call her that anymore!). It was wonderful to see how well Jonny and Becky are doing after this first year of parenthood, having made it through some pretty tough times early on in the piece when Brooke had colic and reflux and hardly slept.

Monday night I caught up with my girlfriends Linda & Caroline for a 2-4-1 meal at Chow in Petone...yum! Such delicious food and good company! Tuesday, Mark was out at an event for APX (his old company), Wednesday was the only night we both managed to be at home, Thursday Jackie came and babysat for us so we could go out with Becky & Jonny to Il Piccolo, our quaint and authentic Italian down on Willis St, and then Friday, Mark went to watch the Phoenix play with some mates.

Yesterday (Saturday) was Sally's baby shower which Marissa and I had both organised. It was really fun to be a part of the organising, coming up with some fun (and not too silly games) and a lot easier doing so once you're already a mummy and have a few ideas up your sleeve from your own experiences! There were about a dozen of us there, and with the sun also shining on us, a lovely afternoon was had by all!

But onto today which was Fathers Day here in NZ......

Mark was out the door bright and early at 6am (treating himself to time out with a mountain bike ride up the coast with his regular mountain bike buddies). Noah decided an early morning was on the cards, but we managed to stay in mummy's bed until 7am before heading down for chocolate porridge. Noah then helped me make corn and bacon soup for the week, and we cleaned the french doors inside and out (the grime from this winter's wild weather all too apparent for me to put up with any longer with the sun shining in so much more these days!). Noah was a great help on the lower windows both with the rag and squeegee. He then implored me to chase him around the house for about half an hour which I did (albeit gingerly...moving a lot slower these days as you can imagine!) before we settled down for fluffies and coffee as Daddy arrived home at 10.30 to open his Fathers Day card and scorched almonds.

I thought that it was high time Mark had at least one meal off cooking so volunteered to cook corn fritters for lunch (and lo and behold they were actually very nice...I even surprised myself!). We ate outside in the glorious warm sunshine, and then Noah got the sandpit and paddling pool out for their first outing this spring. The boys then headed off to the zoo for a father/son afternoon (Jonny and Brooke joining them there too) whilst I had a quiet 5 minutes before vacuuming and cleaning out some cupboards (yes I think the nesting is definitely starting to kick in!)

So onto this week, which is (finally!) my last week of work, and Friday truly can't come soon enough!! Although the past couple of weeks have passed reasonably quickly, the weeks before that really dragged so I will be one very relieved mummy-to-be in 5 day's time. It must be some kind of record that neither of us have any nights out this week planned at all, so hopefully a few earlier nights will be the result.

Off aquajogging at the crack of dawn as usual though so I'll leave this post here....and I hope a very Happy Fathers Day was had by all the daddies out there in NZ today!

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Sarah Lee said...

Wow you guys are soooo busy! Put your feet up if you can (but it doesn't sound like your nesting instincts are going to let you!). With all those crazy belly movements in your last post I'm betting on bubs kicking his way out pretty soon!


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