24 September 2009

The milk machine

Today is Day 5 in the life of little Mylo....

It has been an amazing few days since this gorgeous wee morsel entered our world. Coming home straight after his birth on Sunday has made it seem as if we are already a few days ahead of where we are, so sometimes we have to stop and remind ourselves that he has actually only going on 5 days old.

After a very sleepy 12 hours when we got home from the hospital, Mylo fed off and on the whole of the first night, and as a result my milk started coming in after just 24 hours. He has continued to have a very hearty appetite ever since, which is fantastic, although this has meant a fair amount of pain for me while I get used to the feeling of having a baby constantly feeding on me. Its still painful now, i.e. a bit toe curling initially while he latches, and then a bit of ongoing discomfort but hopefully I'm toughening up day by day, I do remember the same thing happening last time so at least I know I got past it in the end!

Although I know that these first few weeks are usually a honeymoon period for all new parents where babies feed and sleep a lot before they often go on to have a few unsettled weeks with less sleep/wind issues etc, we have both remarked at how 'easy' it all seems 2nd time around when you know roughly what to expect, and knowing that you were able to survive every tough moment and situation with your first child definitely gives you a stronger sense of confidence in your abilities as a parent going into it again.

With Noah still attending daycare every day, Mark and I have been able to have some lovely quiet days together watching a few movies, enjoying visitors popping in to meet Mylo, and receiving regular visits from our midwife.

Today was Mylo's first thorough post-birth check-up with the midwife, and our little boy is thriving! He has only lost 180 grams since birth which isn't bad at all, and we know that he will go from strength to strength as he feeds so well. He has the loudest little squawk which sometimes surprises us when he squawks randomly in his sleep but doesn't wake up, and if he is waking up he seems to go from total peace to full squawk in the blink of an eye. He has such active hands and feet (which we are not at all surprised about given the extent to which he used to move around inside my tummy), and he loves to be sucking on something even when he is not feeding, so the dummy is already getting a very good workout. When he can find his hands he enjoys sucking on these, but they are still so uncontrollable that he can only find them for a second or two before he flings them away as if he forgets they are actually attached to his body!

As well as the photos above taken today, here is a little video of Mylo just after a feed, so happy and contented, and now starting to have a little more alert time to take in more of the world around him.


Jackie said...

He is the most cutest wee baby I have ever seen. I just want to spoil him rotten! Can't wait to come over again.

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Thanks Aunty Jackie, you already have spoilt him rotten! He can't wait to see you again too.


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