13 September 2009

Fun with friends, fine weather and fish!

I can officially say I am a lady of leisure now..well at least for a few days I hope! This last week at work was pretty hard work as sleep is getting harder and harder to come by after about 3am each morning. It's the first week I have really noticed actual exhaustion setting in, and I went to bed much earlier than I usually would most of the week, not that it meant I got any more sleep but I guess at least I was resting!

My work actually gave me a lovely send-off which was quite unexpected. I, myself, organised an M-co team $10 lunch curry out on the Thursday and was pleasantly surprised when the whole team came out for it. I think many of the team just relished the opportunity to go out and socialise together as it was the first 'organised' social event just for the ex-M-co team since we moved offices to NZX 3 months ago. Hopefully someone else may take up the mantle and organise a few more things in the future, as they are a great bunch of people and it would be nice to keep at least some of our 'M-co' identity! Then on Friday, I was not only given a very generous and unexpected gift of a dayspa voucher from one of the M-co managers, but also got a further dayspa voucher from my work with some chocolates, and a lovely gift for baby and more chocolates for me from my assistant, Michelle. I also went out for a few drinks with my new Finance team at St. Johns, not getting home till 8.30pm (what a dirty stopout!). So all in all, a lovely end to the week! I even ran into my friend Paula in St. Johns with her husband who I hadn't had a chance to meet before, so that was a lovely surprise! Wellington is such a small place, but it is one of the things I love about it though!

Yesterday, it was haircut time for Noah before George and his parents came and picked Noah up and he spent most of the day at Maya's house having fun with George, Maya, Phoebe and Ryder. I had every intention of relaxing on the couch or bed with my book, but in the end the bathrooms were calling out to loudly for more than just their usual clean. In particular, the ceiling of the upstairs bathroom was looking a little worse for wear, so Mark got to work with the sugar soap and in no time it was looking a lot better! We got about a half hour sit down before Allie popped over for a cuppa and we then headed out to Maya's house about 4.30pm to pick Noah up. I think he would have stayed all night given the chance, and they seemed to have had a brilliant time all playing together.

It rained ALL day yesterday, but today was a complete contrast. We went to church as a family for the first time in a wee while, Noah trying Sunday School (or Little Rock as it's called) for the first time now that he's a big boy of three. He didn't last the whole session, but not unexpected with our Noah who likes to ease into new experiences and new people gently! Then it was home for a quick bite (the second Sunday in a row that we've eaten lunch outside in the glorious sunshine) before heading off to the Island Bay Marine Centre for their open day and a chance to catch up with the daycare crew.

The kids enjoyed the touch pools, Noah being much more adventurous this time about touching the starfish, anenomes, sea cucumbers which must have been Daddy's influence (Mummy being a little timid last time we went just the two of which must have rubbed off on him!). We enjoyed spotting little carpet sharks - one was even snoozing with his mouth wide open, crabs doing funny dances that looked like they were knitting, and seeing the octopus gracefully extend and withdraw his tentacles was also very graceful. After spending a bit of time climbing around the rockpools, we all headed over the road to the Island Bay playground for a run-around. It's a pretty big playground and even with all the other Wellingtonian families who had similar ideas there was still plenty of space for the kids to burn off a load of energy together. Such a wonderful afternoon in the sun!

I'm now sitting here on Sunday evening with Noah engrossed in a Little Einsteins episode while enjoying a pot of yoghurt, Mark's got the Phoenix game on the telly in the background, and I'm feeling rather chuffed that when we got home from the park I finally managed to put Dayne's smoked fish to good use and made myself a fish chowder which I'm going to eat a big bowl of for dinner (and probably lunch the next couple of days too!).

My first day as a lady of leisure tomorrow is probably not quite as restful as it should be, aquajogging at 6am with Shannon (but I'm keen as mustard to see her as she's been away in Indonesia for 2 weeks so I want to hear all about her trip!), then I have Tracey and Tracy coming for coffee at 10am, and the midwife is coming for her first home visit at 12pm. However, I'm hoping I might get to put my feet up and watch the women's tennis final at some point during the day, as I am quite excited at the prospect that a fellow mum (Kim Clijsters) might have a chance of winning a Grand Slam Title for the first time in about 30 years I've heard. And I have to say I am always pleased to see someone other than Serena Williams getting a crack at a Grand Slam title!

Otherwise, I have plans to do breakfast with Mark one morning at the Brooklyn Bakery, a couple of friends with babies I'd like to visit, and I may just book up for a lovely relaxing massage with my vouchers. Time will tell just how many of these things I actually get to do....hey baby! Noah was six days early (a similar gestation would take me through to this Friday or Saturday week) but given how different this baby has been throughout the pregnancy I'm trying not to have any expectations!

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Sarah Lee said...

Enjoy the time bubs gives you before his grand arrival. Sounds like you've go a few lovely things planned. Glad you enjoyed a wonderful weekend. We thought about going to the Marine Centre, but ended up enjoying the Spring blooms at the gardens. A magic day of weather indeed. Finger's crossed for you now that all goes well. You look fantastic and with all the superb aqua jogging you've been doing bubs will probably swim out! Best wishes, Sarah


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