06 December 2009

A Baby Shower for modern times

Yesterday we were blessed with gorgeous weather for Shannon & Guy's baby brunch. Shannon wasn't too keen on the idea of a traditional baby shower, not only because it is a little exclusive for the partner, but also as her girl friends are all in very different circles and don't really know each other well. So instead they came up with the idea of a baby brunch at their house, a drop-in for an hour or four kind-of affair that worked really well.

We had every intention of getting there a little earlier but in the end Mylo's sleep patterns prevented us from getting there much before midday (start time was officially 9.30). Not that it mattered as most people had come and gone or were leaving as we turned up so we got to hang out more with Shannon & Guy than we otherwise might have. I had some fun earlier in the week picking up a few bits and pieces for them, which wrapped in green and red looked very festive and apt for their Christmas baby (due on the 23rd ). I also enjoyed getting the creative juices flowing at the last minute to create a homemade card (nappy brain had set in during the week and I had completely forgotten about a card!). Anyway, I think the overall result was rather cute.


I've told Shannon that it would be great if baby could come early so we can meet him or her, as we head off up north to the family for about 10-days on the 23rd. I think that they would also quite like baby to be early too so Guy can take advantage of time off from running their store Vast Interiors with the statutory holidays that fall over that time. But of course baby gets to have the final say on that one!

Noah and Mark enjoyed a spot of cricket and tennis in their backyard while we were there. And earlier in the day at home they'd put up the football goals Mark received as a leaving gift from APX (way back in January), and had a great kick around together.



Mark also took Noah down to the cricket for an hour this afternoon, and we finished off the stunning Welllington day with homemade burgers on the barbie. Bliss.

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Mummy Maloney said...

Hello precious ones. Many thanks for lovely blog (extra one this week) We love it. Thrilled to see photos of Noah playing cricket and football with Daddy. Your garden and grass are looking good. Great photo of Shannon and Guy, 'wow' not long now! Lovely idea 'baby brunch'. Give them our love. Just driven back from Wales this aft.so thrilled. All well & happy up there. Dad joins in sending lol.xxx


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