06 December 2009

Daddy's Toes

Genetics never cease to amaze me. That we are all so individual made up of such complex structures of DNA is amazing enough in itself. But to see the workings of genetics in real life is so much more wondrous than the teachings of any fifth form science lesson.

In our family, genetics is no more apparent than when you look at all of our feet. Noah and Mylo have definitely inherited their daddy's feet. It is evident from the shape of their big toes, the ability to curl all their toes under and the way they can move their little toes independently, none of which I can do!

And here's the proof!

Noah, Daddy and Mylo's Feet - spot the similar big toes

Daddy & Noah curling their toes, and Mylo's independent little toe (just like his Daddy's).
Not the easiest trying to photograph Mylo's toes as he never stops moving them!

As you can see Mummy's feet are quite different!

There were two things I remember from fifth form genetics, one of which was eye colour, you know - how 2 brown eyes could make blue eyes, but 2 blue eyes could also only make blue. With Mark's brown eyes and my blue, the chances of the boys having brown eyes is far stronger - apparently 70%, and Noah's eyes turned a lovely light brown at about eight months old. Mylo's eyes are still dark blue, but as they look just like Noah's did at the same age, I'm sure I'll end up with two beautiful brown-eyed boys :-)

The other genetic example we learnt was tongue-rolling. Tongue rolling is the dominant gene, but I can't roll mine, and I don't think Noah can roll his either, well I've never seen him do it anyway. But I have already seen Mylo on several occasions poke his tongue out in such a way that I'm sure he will be able to.

The fact that our DNA is on one hand so unique to us as individuals, and yet there is also so much predetermined by our parents' genetic make-up is fascinating. I envisage God getting a big mixing bowl out when we're each conceived and mixing in the different aspects that make us who we are - in this case Dad's feet and eyes, and Mum's sticky-out ears - so sorry about that one boys - and there will be no photo evidence of that inheritance!

The bible says in Psalm 139:13-14

"For you created my innermost being,
you knit me together in my mother's womb
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made"

And I thank you, awesome God for choosing to put together the exact combination of cells that created me as I am. Rather than dwell on all the things that I would change given half the chance, instead today I will celebrate my uniqueness. I will celebrate the part my uniqueness has had to play in creating one half of the two beautiful children you have blessed us with.


Sarah said...

Ahhhh, what a refreshingly beautiful, entertaining and gratifying post. I started off having a chuckle and then read on with wonder and finally, nodding my head in total agreement, with a sense of appreciation.

Dad said...

velly solly meggie for your sticky-out ears - guess who gave them to you!!! really enjoyed reading your blogs this avo - perked me up a bit

Mummy Maloney said...

Hi, Many thanks for super blog and photos. Cheered us up no end too. We very sorry too for funny toes, my dad had them, I have them and Uncle John has them. Ha, happy days!! We love you. Have a good week. xxx

Daddy Maloney said...

As always great blog Meg. Thanks so much. The funny toes are definitely a Macqueen gene. The Maloneys, i.e. James and I have very beautiful and photogenic feet!
In spite of the feet you have 3 very beautiful and photogenic boys!
Love Dad xxx

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