05 September 2010

Daddy's Day

Here's to Dads everywhere. There are so many different kinds of dad in this world. But of all the dads that could ever be, I was blessed with just the right one for me. And he's now a special Poppa to two little boys.

I've also been blessed with a fantastic dad-in-law who I can call Dad now too. He is our boy's special Grandad in England, recovering from hip surgery on Friday. Get well soon Grandad, we want you fighting fit for your trip out here in Feb!

And my boys. Who love their Dad to pieces. And who wouldn't!

We made a weekend of it with a trip to the zoo (on a fine and sunny day). You would not have known that a wild storm had blown through here the night before, and just hundreds of kilometres away, people were beginning the journey of piecing their lives back together little by little after yesterday's quake.

And this morning, we took a very early walk to the duckpond before the forecasted northerly gales hit their stride. Donut muffins a baking request from Daddy to go with our morning coffees, with which Noah and I happily obliged.

Ha ha, loving how a gust of wind took everyone a little by surprise in the last shot. Check out those scary eyes Mark!

We broke with tradition this year. Normally a packet of chocolate scorched almonds suffices for Daddy's gift. Instead, we surprised Mark with a special treat. Daddy loving a special cup he can take to work and have a reminder of his two little monkeys every day.

Husband of mine, father of my children, you rock! You are our rock.

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