17 September 2010

ET goes Bowling

Last weekend, Noah enjoyed his first ten-pin bowling experience for a friend's third birthday. Daddy went along for the ride and to capture the moment. Word of warning - dark bowling alleys do not equal awesome, clear photos!

First up though, Noah made me giggle before he even left the house with his impromptu impersonation of ET - we rented the DVD from the library to watch after our 'ET phone home' discussions about his little brother's wayward pointy finger. Hold onto your seats when I admit this, but I actually think it was the first time I have ever watched th movie - shocking I know, given how classic it is. Though I still think Noah looks better as a cute four-year old and not something scary from outer space.

And so onto the bowling alley. Check out the cool S.W.A.T. car birthday cake complete with flashing lights. Although the birthday boy was caught looking a little less than impressed (far left).

Getting ready for some action.

Bowls away!

And finally.......tucking into some kai with all his mates.


Gail said...

An awesome idea for a party! And a fab cake too.
Has he seen ET? I'd forgotten about it - probably quite a good family movie!

Tracey Easte said...

Super Sute! hope your weekend goes well and that Mylo has a great first birthday party on sunday. thinking of you all xoxo the eastes


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