25 July 2012


Amazing what a splash of colour will do to lift spirits dulled by colds and mid-winter blues.

Hubby had a day at home with Noah in the school holidays when he was thick with cold and a day in and out of the pool with the holiday programme wasn't going to be a great idea.

We'd been talking for a month or so about doing a bit more painting around the place, but it hadn't quite gotten past the talking stage until now.

So it was with surprise that I came home that day to find the bathroom sugar soaped, sanded and nearly undercoated already.

The only thing I'm a bit gutted about is that we didn't take a proper 'before' photo so you just have to make do with one I took when I was trying out the new wide angle lens a few months back. You can see how dark the paint was, almost 'terracotta' like we called it.

We are so happy with the results, everytime I walk past the room, I have to have a little sneak peek inside and it just makes my heart smile.

And I'm so thrilled to have found a spot for this beautiful piece of art I won in a giveaway from the lovely Simone over at GreatFun4kids.

Doesn't it just look beautiful?! Thanks Simone.

I also FINALLY (nearly a year later) got the last 2 prints from our photography session with Jo Frances framed, I can't believe it has taken me this long!

 You'll have to excuse the mirror image of me in stripy sleeves trying to take a pic here!

Seeing these cutie pies on my lounge wall never fails to make me smile when I walk in the door after a long day's work...

And I'm taking every little smile that I can get right now!

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