14 June 2013

Things I'm Loving 14.6.13

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

Little Messi's
Loving these awesome Barcelona football kits that Mark found dirt cheap online. Met Messi #1 and Messi #2.

A lovely story
I can't believe I'd never read this story before Noah brought it home from the school library last week. It has a beautiful story of friendship against the odds and that it doesn't matter how small you are, you can still do great things - something we should all remember!

The best of our city
Loving this cool time lapse video of Wellington shot over six months in the summer. Gives me goosies watching it!

Wellington - alive and vibrant from Stephen Patience Photography on Vimeo

The best wedding photo ever
Loving this cool photo that was on Stuff the other week. This is how to make a wedding shot that you'll never forget!

Sweet smells
Loving this cute air freshener that Mark secretly put in my car when he went and took my car to get 2 new tyres the other day. It reminds me every day that I am surrounded by boys in this house and I love it!

Loving this funny text convo I had with my Dad whilst we were travelling up to the Waikato a couple of weeks ago. The concept of a night light was somewhat lost on him, but he got there in the end!

Art galore
Loving the current phase the boys are in that they are so into their artwork. Not loving so much that its usually at 5.30am that their best masterpieces are being worked on but at least it means they work happily away reasonably quietly.

Loving this rainbow jet complete with bombs

And loving that the wee guy is getting confident writing his own name. Not a skerrick of help from anyone - all his own work.

Loving that everywhere I look I spy artwork on the walls around the house, including this Tree Rex (a Skylander Giant figure) purposefully placed at the front door to scare people as they walk in!

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Miriam said...

ha that tree rex is awesome. love the wedding photo but I have to ask how many bridesmaids are there????? or did everyone get asked to wear the same dress to the wedding?

Katie said...

Great list and LOVE the Wellington video - just shared it on my Facebook page (trying to convince family and friends to visit!) and pinned it to my Wellington Pinterest board!

bee said...

The snail and the whale is one of our favourites too, I love the snail's determination : ). Wellington is one of my favourite places too. My mum lives there now and I visit twice a year with each of our kids for a mum- nana and grandie weekend : )

Bron said...

Great collection of loves...maybe you should do something funky with their artwork to preserve this cute stage.... xx

Lyn said...

oh my, did I LAUGH at that text convo!!! thanks for that... made my day! Your poor Dad.


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