18 June 2013

Blogging backseat

Life is pretty full-on at the moment.

There's a lot going on, and this new job is really taking it out of me - a huge amount of extra brainpower and energy required with a very steep learning curve - and this leaves not a lot of time and energy for lots of creative writing of blog posts in the evenings because to be honest I'm a bit shagged and completely out of inspiration by then!

Oh...and I'm also starting to plan an Olympics party for a certain someone's 7th party in a month's time - that in itself takes a fair amount of energy and organisation

Here's the Olympic Stadium ticket I made last week for the invitations - what do you think?

And I'm looking forward to making this set of Olympic Ring cupcakes for the birthday cake.

Source: Catchmyparty

That was my bright idea to be able to re-use all those gel icing colours I bought for Mylo's crazy colour cake last year that are just sitting in the cupboard gathering dust.

So this is really just me checking in saying hi - but don't be too surprised if things are a little quieter around here for the next wee while - I just know that something's gotta give. I've also cut back on my Words with Friends games and pared back my blog reading list too - I just can't get through them all at the moment. Don't fear, I'll still be around at least once a week for Things I'm Loving - that's a given - but any other inspiration will have to just be as and when!

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