18 June 2013

Blogging backseat

Life is pretty full-on at the moment.

There's a lot going on, and this new job is really taking it out of me - a huge amount of extra brainpower and energy required with a very steep learning curve - and this leaves not a lot of time and energy for lots of creative writing of blog posts in the evenings because to be honest I'm a bit shagged and completely out of inspiration by then!

Oh...and I'm also starting to plan an Olympics party for a certain someone's 7th party in a month's time - that in itself takes a fair amount of energy and organisation

Here's the Olympic Stadium ticket I made last week for the invitations - what do you think?

And I'm looking forward to making this set of Olympic Ring cupcakes for the birthday cake.

Source: Catchmyparty

That was my bright idea to be able to re-use all those gel icing colours I bought for Mylo's crazy colour cake last year that are just sitting in the cupboard gathering dust.

So this is really just me checking in saying hi - but don't be too surprised if things are a little quieter around here for the next wee while - I just know that something's gotta give. I've also cut back on my Words with Friends games and pared back my blog reading list too - I just can't get through them all at the moment. Don't fear, I'll still be around at least once a week for Things I'm Loving - that's a given - but any other inspiration will have to just be as and when!

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CHD said...

That party looks amazing. Sometimes you just need to reprioritize to manage life. I get it! Glad you are still doing things I'm loving. Take care. Cx

Ange - Tall, Short and Tiny said...

Love the invitation!
We'll still be here when your mind and life is less busy xx

Katie said...

The Olympic Party sounds like a great idea! Hope you manage to get a rest and get settled in with the new job soon :-)

Leonie said...

Looks awesome based on the invite alone! good luck with the rest and hope thing settle down soon - am in the same boat and looking forward to normality resuming x

Leonie said...

Take care Meghan.
Looks like an awesome party idea! wow, can't wait to see the photos!

Catching the Magic said...

Amazing work on that party and good on you for prioritising. xx


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