17 December 2014

50/52: A shepherd and a drummer boy

A portrait of my children once a week every week in 2014

Whew we are on the home stretch to Christmas now.....and it sure felt like it over the weekend as we enjoyed watching the Arise Christmas production 'Nativity' and seeing the boys participate in it on stage too.

We are still fairly new to Arise - we only started attending about six weeks ago, and despite the size of the church (well over 1,000)m, we have been made to feel extremely welcome and part of things so quickly which was my initial fear in going to a church this big. The Christmas production is a pretty big affair there - put on at 4 sessions 10am, 12pm, 5pm and 7pm on the day. This year the younger kids in Rocket Junior (age 4-7) sang Mary's Boy Child all dressed up as shepherds, angels, and barn animals. Then the Rocket kids (age 8-12) put on a rousing rendition of Little Drummer Boy complete with red buckets for drums - although you have no idea how far and wide I had to search around Porirua to find that dang red bucket two weeks before that!


The production was incredibly well done, had a powerful message and it was awesome seeing the kids both up on stage getting into it! It was awesome to have both Nikki and our friends Jackie and Heidi along to see it and then we all enjoyed a BBQ back at our place afterwards.....on a rare afternoon of sunshine!

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