09 January 2015

Hello...did you miss me?!

Over Christmas I inadvertently gave myself permission to take the longest break in the history of blogging...well in the history of my eight years of blogging anyway - a whole four weeks. And you know what?! I didn't actually miss it at all.

And the world didn't actually come to an end. Who'd have thought?!

And no-one was beating down my door wondering where all my posts had got to....well if you were wondering you certainly didn't say so!

We had a lovely break away doing all kinds of fun stuff which I'll get around to sharing at some point, well at least before next Christmas rolls around...ha ha!

I rested my troublesome back, neck and shoulder from any keyboard work. And it actually thanked me! Although I did manage to pick up a new mid-back vertebrae injury whilst body boarding to go with the ongoing left hip and right upper back/neck/shoulder thing I've had going on for months. I really hope I can get it sorted this year. After six months of seeing physios, osteos and having acupuncture without any improvement, I'm heartily sick of my body not playing ball and picking up new injuries with gay abandon on a regular basis. Anyhow enough moaning about that for now...

Despite stopping in to say hi today, I'm not making any super grand gestures about my expectations for 2015 - instead I'm choosing to free myself from my own (usually over burdened) ideas of what I must accomplish ...which in turn means less pressure on myself to stick to any kind of weekly schedule here - but I'll be around and about from time to time when I find I have something worthwhile to say!

With that being said... I do have a few fun adventures from around the country to share from our holiday... and will do so when I finally get around to editing all the photos...ahem! Here's a sneak peek of a few highlights in the meantime....

So I guess I'll see ya round sometime soon!

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