23 January 2015

Snippets of holiday loveliness...Part 2

As lovely as Christmas Day itself was....there were so many other lovely moments that I cannot help but want to remember......

Enjoying the thrill of the chase in many, many games of Citadels - a new strategy card game. Our family is hugely into playing board games when we get together and this one kept us entertained for nights on end. We're hoping it might fit into Nana's suitcase when we all meet up in Rarotonga in May so Nic and Kim get a chance to play with us too!

Lunch at the Federal Store in New Plymouth - this place has the best food, great vibes and their iced coffee went down a treat too!

Our annual pilgrimage to the Festival of the Lights in New Plymouth - I love how no two years are ever the same - I think my favourite area this year was the coloured lights on the lake which changed every few seconds.

And when we got home there was New Year's eve spent with this babe - the Geek Chics got jiggy with a bottle of malibu - and ahem... polished the whole lot off while having a Modern Family watching marathon and finally completing the Penguins on Ice master challenges - boy Mark was good to put up with all the giggling! We even made it to midnight and ran upstairs to watch the fireworks display out the window!

Mark took the boys out for a morning at the zoo - Mark took this awesome shot near the lion enclosure - not as scary as it looks with glass in between them but an impressive shot nonetheless!

And how could I forget my awesome new coffee cup from my brother and sister in Wales - talk about the perfect present for this coffee-loving photographer!

It made going back to work so much more bearable knowing that I had coffee waiting for me in this!

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