22 May 2015

Right in the thick of it...

The days are fair flying by at a rate of knots at the moment - I blink and another one is gone! And I suddenly realised that whoops I haven't even been near the computer in a week to even contemplate any blogging.
Well that's a lie, I've been on the computer. Just anytime I turn it on I find myself busy working. Working. Working. I'm busy trying to train my replacement at work and finish writing all my process notes - all 130 odd pages of them - and there just aren't enough hours in the day right now it seems. And now there's only 3 more days of work before we head off to Rarotonga next Tuesday. Eek!

The boys had 14 of their mates to Mission Inflatable last weekend for a fun 1.5 hour run around. You'd have thought it was carnage having 16 boys in one space but we hardly saw them - easiest party ever! They will really miss their friends - a lot of them are just delightful boys - they are really lucky to have made such lovely ones - even some just in the past six months. As sad as it is to have to leave them behind, I am truly hopeful that God has some lovely friends in store for them in Cambridge.

I did manage to sit down long enough last week to get my hair done - first time in six months. I wasn't necessarily planning on going blonder but that's just how it turned out. And I like it.

In other news...Noah made the most amazing chocolate caramel slice ever...with a little help from me getting it in the tin. And Noah ran his little heart out and got fourth in cross country this week - the only shame is that he won't get to run in the Western Zones because it's run after we leave.

And I know it's nearly two weeks ago, but I can't forget that I had some lovely Mothers Day treats and enjoyed seeing some great performances at the Arise Mothers Day services, and watching my boy play footy too.

We also helped try and rescue a shag that had gotten itself in a bit of a state at the Kelburn shops. We were on our way to the vet to get Murphy microchipped when we spotted the shag on the side of the kerb in the middle of throwing up a couple of fish. He was clearly not well and then proceeded to dice with death by waddling across the road in front of the traffic. I called Zealandia (who couldn't do anything), then the Department of Conservation (who said they would call back when they'd found a local advisor). In the end we were running very late for our appointment so had to just leave the shag on the footpath. The vets were also quite keen to help (but they couldn't leave the surgery right then). In the end when we came back we found him again still making a nuisance of himself but another sip owner had managed to call the SPCA. We managed to corner him in a courtyard which was much safer than out near the traffic but he then escaped and half flew up the road and ended up in a pohutukawa tree. We had to leave him at this point as dinner was calling and I had to go to Pilates so we really hope that he was rescued safely. A bit of unexpected excitement for a Monday night!

This weekend the boys have their last football game for Karori FC, we have our family farewell at Southern Cross on Sunday afternoon, and we are also going out to Hippopotamus restaurant at the Museum Hotel for dinner on Saturday night.

It seems rather fitting don't you think that the very place that brought us together at the very start of our journey as a couple 17 years ago will be the very last place in Wellington we will enjoy a romantic dinner out together. As if everything has come full circle somehow.

This time next week we will be gearing up for my brother Sam and Alesha's wedding at the Pacific Resort in Rarotonga. Nic (my other brother) and I are the wedding photographers and I have to admit to being a little nervous at the prospect as my camera has mostly been sat gathering dust in the corner these past couple of months. I hope that God just gives me some divine inspiration on the day as I'm feeling a little under prepared for it!

Not that I want to think about it, but there's also my damn stomach which started playing up again a week ago. By all rights it shouldn't have, it should be completely behaving itself as I'm still on half the dose of steroids and a higher dose of my usual medication Pentasa. Even the specialist is a bit mystified as to why it's happened now. It's not quite like the last flare up - this time I'm getting a really tight and inflamed tummy which seems to be at its very worst in the small hours of the morning. And typically, just as the steroid dosage had decreased enough to allow me to sleep properly - then this went and kicked in. I tell you I'm a bit BLOODY sick of this body of mine which seems to be letting me down left right and centre at the moment. I hope and pray it doesn't stop us from having a wonderful break away for the wedding, that I can actually carry out my role as wedding photographer to the best of my ability, and that when we get back from holiday I can get through the final 3 days of packing and moving without completely falling apart. It is worrying me how I will be able to cope - so if you believe in the power of prayer could I trouble you to pray for all that too!

As far as I can make out, Wifi and roaming charges are RIDICULOUSLY expensive in Rarotonga so you can be sure that we will be unplugging as much as possible and I very much doubt you will hear from us for the next week! All I can say is bring on those warm temperatures and beautiful beaches!

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