23 July 2015


Cousins are a rare and special commodity in our family.

They are hard to come by. On Mark's side of the family, the boys have one older cousin Jack who is 11. However, the opportunities to see each other are few and far between as he lives in Wales. The boys have spent time with him both here and in the UK and they really look up to him. As older cousins go, he's super awesome and we really wish we weren't half a world away.

And currently on my side of the family, there's just one younger cousin, Maia who is 18 months old. She lives in Melbourne so we don't get to see as much of her as we would like either but it is a little easier than the UK. I do know that she relished hanging out with her big boy cousins on our recent trip to Rarotonga - it's pretty obvious from these pictures alone I think.

On the last night, we went over to where Nic and Kim were staying to have a night of board games - something we ALWAYS do when we get together as an extended family. The boys were allowed to play on their technology for a bit and Maia hung out in the middle of all the action just being as cute as can be. 

And who knew wearing Mummy's pyjama bottoms as a scarf could be so trendy?!

Maia was that much older and more interactive this time that the boys really enjoyed hanging out with her just as much as she did with them.

Hopefully we will get the cuzzies together again to hang out at Christmas when Nic and Kim come over - getting together is such precious times!

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