08 July 2015

A rare sight.....

One of the unexpected treats of my time in Rarotonga was getting to enjoy doing a sunrise photo shoot with my brother.

It's actually him I have to thank for getting me into photography in the first place. I must admit when I saw the great shots he took after learning the tricks of the photography trade, I knew I wanted a piece of the action. 

And as the seasons of our lives have changed - he's been a little busy getting married, starting a family and changing career and hasn't had the time to go out taking photos much the past few years, right at the time when I started getting more interested in photography for myself.

As a landscape photographer you're always pretty focused on getting the shot in front of you and unless you have a buddy to partner with means that it's very rare to ever get any 'photographer in action' shots of yourself.

While Nic captured a few photos of me, I was capturing photos of the most glorious pastel sunrise.

And I also snuck in a shot of him as the morning grew lighter.

Despite the early start for both of us, it was so worth it for this view.

It was very hard to tear ourselves away from the beach when there was such a stunning sight to behold.

We had to savour this moment. And the glorious light.

The likes of which I've never seen reflected in such aqua water before.

A morning like this is one to be utterly cherished. It is a one in a million opportunity when you live hundreds (and in Nic's case thousands) of miles away.

And when the sun brings the warmth of the day to bear upon us, and the pastels brighten into azure skies we find we must reluctantly go on our way.

The uniqueness of the opportunity to share this moment with my brother when we normally live in different countries and see the sun rise hours apart was not lost on me!

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