01 June 2017

NYC to Toronto: And an amazing sunrise in Central Park for my 40th birthday

Day 6 - Birthdays - starting in Central Park and ending up in Toronto

Mark had convinced me I should go and do a sunrise in Central Park - he’d felt so safe there running that he was happy enough to let me go off on my own - catching the first subway of the day up to 72nd St, and heading straight for the lake that borders Bow Bridge. I arrived just as the streaky clouds were lighting up the sky for sunrise - perfect timing. I had such a ball here over a couple of hours wandering to my heart’s content through the same parts of the park I’d explored a few days earlier - but the big difference was NO crowds of tourists - just the odd dog walker and runner. It was a lovely warm morning too - the warmest we’d had so it was really special send-off to our time in New York.

Unfortunately our flight out of NYC was delayed a couple of hours - this time thunderstorms in Toronto - and we had to sit on a small plane (the size of a New Plymouth plane) on the tarmac waiting to see whether we would get there. 

Goodbye NYC (on the left), Hello Toronto (on the right!)

Mark had also had a bit of a scare at La Guardia when they told him his Canadian visa hadn’t processed properly but by the time we arrived in Toronto it had obviously been sorted as it wasn’t an issue when we got to Customs. 

By the time we got our car hire sorted and drove to the AirBnB we were pretty ravenous for dinner. After a bit of research (thanks Google) we decided to make our way to WVRST for our official April 10th birthday dinner - it had felt like one big long extended birthday - as people had started wishing us happy birthday right back on Sunday afternoon (April 10 NZ time) and here we were 24 hours later and it was still our birthday Canadian time! The restaurant turned out to be an awesome choice - a funky craft brewery with 25 beers on tap and about the same number of choices of artisan sausages - we tried both the elk and bison sausages and they were mouthwateringly good! 


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