09 June 2017

Toronto: An unexpectedly fun day out at the Ripley's Aquarium

It was VERY chilly on this day (about 6 degrees and a bitter wind) and we knew it wasn’t going to be very pleasant staying outdoors all day. It took us a while (naive tourists that we were) to figure out that all the shopping malls and eateries are underground! Once we’d eventually found our way down below, we were amazed at the (apparently 30km) tunnels of shops, supermarkets and eateries under the streets of Toronto. 

With an afternoon to kill, we made the decision to visit Ripley’s Aquarium of Toronto which was highly rated by Trip Advisor. This proved to be a great move as it was a fantastic experience and we all REALLY enjoyed it - the moving walkway was particularly impressive, so much so that we went around twice to view all the sharks, sawfish, turtles and stingrays floating above and around us. 

Other highlights were the tank filled with Nemo and Dory fish, the jellyfish that lit up in all kinds of colours, and the cleaner shrimp that cleaned your hands when you put them in the tank. It’s an experience I’d highly recommend for anyone visiting the city. After that we had some time to kill before our late night flight to England so we headed out to another outlet store (Mark had to exchange some shorts - they’d given him the wrong size the day before!) before checking in to the airport where it was onwards to England via a 7 hour flight on British Airways!

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