20 August 2007

Feedin the ducks (or should that be Noah?)

Well what a week....but we'll come to that later!! All in all, Meghan and Noah did really well all week as I was away in Australia for two days tending to business. Lucky Mark I can hear you all say....not really!! The meetings I had were split between Melbourne and Sydney so early morning flights, lots of travelling, heaps of breakfasts, lunches and snacks (with all the lounges, meals on the aeroplanes etc etc etc....!!) and then came the meetings. Melbourne went really well, but Sydney was a joke....the person I was meeting was late, and then proceded to keep me in a very stuffy room for 5 hours without a break or offering a drink (rude....) plus he managed to grill me, and create heaps more work for the coming weeks!! And if that wasn't enough I had a really bad head cold, that made me feel pants!!!!! That being said, I did get to catch up with Nic (Meghan's brother) for a meal at Wagamama and a few cheeky beers. It was really good to see Nic and I got the feeling he was really enjoying his time in Sydney.

When I got back to Wellington, Meghan attended a meeting at PPK (Noah's day care centre) which really shocked everyone....we thought it was a meeting concerning the imminent move to the new centre and the raising of fees (which part of it was), but ultimately it was about something completely different!! Basically, to cut a long story short Meghan got told that the new building costs had risen (by $200,000) and if this money was not found in one week, the centre was closing!!! As you can imagine the news came as a massive shock to everyone, as the thought of having to try and find $200,000 and the knock on effects if this didn't happen i.e. having to try and find another day care centre in one week scared the hell out of us!!! (Finding a good day care centre in Wellington is tough when you've got 1 year, let alone a week). At this stage (Monday) we have no idea if any efforts made will have managed to save the centre, but we have tapped all sources we know of and have also rung around other day care centres to see if it does go belly up whether there are any part or full-time places).....but I think we will wait until next week's post until we know exactly what is happening before we divulge more...........

Anyway, on to the man of the moment, Mr Noah George. Well, Noah has been oblivious to this weeks happenings (as you would expect) and loved his time with just mum for a couple of days, but of course was even happier when Dad got back from his travels. We tried to put the weeks happenings behind us during the weekend so we could enjoy time with our little man.

This started with the usual shopping trip to Pak 'n' Save (and a sneaky Mojo coffee on the way home as our coffee machine is currently being fixed!!) and then two walks on Saturday afternoon. The first walk was for the purpose of going to see the ducks in the botanical gardens and Noah absolutely loved it. You can tell when Noah is fully engrossed in something as he gives it his full attention and he almost forgets he's a baby and starts doing things he doesn't normally do (like standing up unaided!!). We took some bread with us to feed the ducks, but because it was later in the day, I think most of them had pretty full tummies from all the other bread they had been fed. Noah also had a full tummy as every piece of bread we gave him to feed the ducks managed to find its way into his mouth! So much for going to feed the ducks.

The next walk was to get a little more sleep into Noah (although he had already slept for two hours) so it actually turned into a walk to the play park so we could all enjoy a swing, slide and see-saw. We rushed to get Noah to bed that evening, and enjoyed a night out together for Meghan's work do at the St John's bar.

Sunday was a little less busy (or more which ever way you look at it) Meghan spent all morning and all evening at church on hospitality, so Noah endured a bit of daddy day care during these times. Otherwise another afternoon walk and some playing with Noah in the house pretty much took care of our weekend.

Lets hope this week goes well for PPK and that what ever the outcome is, it is the best for all of the kids, families and teachers involved....until then, good night and good luck.

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