12 August 2007

Just the 3 of us....

Thankfully it was a quiet weekend just the 3 of us, after the excitement and busyness of last weekend. We had a few issues getting the little monkey (yes that's you Noah) to sleep for any length of time, Mark managed to manufacture a longer sleep yesterday by going out for a really long walk as we needed Noah to be awake and on top form for a wedding we had to go to at 4.30pm. Since we hadn't managed to sort out a babysitter, Noah and I then came home at 5.30 and left Mark to it for the night.

Today we all went to church together for the first time in months, and Mark and Noah spent time in the creche with some of the other kiddies. Now that Noah is heading for later sleeps - he is often awake till after midday, it may mean we can actually go together as a family more regularly which would be nice. It's been a bit hard up until now as church has always been right in the middle of his morning sleep time and when daytime sleep is as is elusive as it has been for us, we have felt it was important for us to ensure at least one decent daytime sleep into the wee fella.

We've had fun playing with a new toy library toy - as in the picture its a rainbow cascade wooden toy, you put a golf ball at the top and it winds its way down and around the spiral making different lower and lower pitched noises on its way, Noah got the hang of it really quickly and delighted in placing the golf ball in the spiral himself and seeing it pop out the other end and retrieving it to do it all over again. There was also fun to be had playing in the tents and tunnel (although I think Murphy actually commandeered it for most of the weekend) and lots of peek-a-boo and giggling at mummy and daddy sneezing and trying to copy us (even though we think you probably gave us the cold in the first place Noah!).


Otherwise its a busy week ahead, Mark with netball tomorrow night, then off to Sydney and Melbourne to work for 2 days (and hoping to catch up with Uncle Nic whilst in Sydney for a beer and Wagamama), then it's our daycare parents' meeting on Thursday night to hear all about the new daycare centre which we think they'll be moving into in the next month or so, then it's Meg's annual staff party on Saturday and church hospitality duties for Meg most of Sunday...phew...just as well we had a quiet one this weekend then really!

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