26 August 2007

Someone's Nearly Walking......


This week we were consumed by the prospect of trying to find alternative daycare options for Noah. We had a couple of options come to light at 2 different daycare centres, one would have been ideal offering a full-time place by early November but for the fact it's in Karori and would mean a massive change in routine for us all (not walking into town together which is an hour of the day that we really treasure and wouldn't want to give up), not to mention the fact that it is a fair bit more costly in the long run. Our other option and the one we're going for is 2 days at a different daycare in town combined with 3 days nanny care at home. We met the nanny Michelle this afternoon (Mark works with her sister), and are really pleased that it's someone we know. The manager at the daycare centre has said that the 2 days should increase to full-time by the end of January at the latest so we just have to hope that we pick up some additional days along the way in the meantime. It's going to make things a little challenging for us in the short term, but we fully believe that God would not put us in a worse off position financially, nor would he put Noah in a situation where his care was less than ideal, so we have to believe that all things will come together for good.

Having said that, it will still be incredibly sad to see PPK close its doors in two weeks, affecting not just us, but 25 other families and 10 teachers, so the consequences will be quite far reaching into the community as other parents may have to give up work if they don't find alternatives. Noah has been so settled and happy there and he has formed some really strong bonds with the wonderful teachers, but he is adaptable and resilient and we are sure that he will be equally as happy in the new centre.

Now for an update on this weekend's activities...

Shopping as usual, and then down to the waterfront for a Mojo coffee, a 2-hour nap for Noah (nice one!), a cup of tea and catch up with Marissa and Magnus, some gardening, and then a walk down to our favourite weekend spot...the duckpond! We caught up our friends Hamish, Judith and their little girl Grace for a few minutes on the way home from the gardens. A nice quiet evening in, which was the first Saturday in about 4 weeks we've both been home! Today, Mark and Noah went to the duckpond again (I told you it was our favourite place) whilst I helped out at church with a New People's lunch. Later this afternoon we met Michelle and went up to the play park.


This weekend we've been noticing Noah is closer than ever to walking on his own, he will quite happily walk with a minimal grip on just one of our hands and is very steady on his standing, so we're sure that those first unaided steps are just days away.

We hired two new toys from the toy library this week, a cool red car and a whole kitchen unit complete with sink, microwave, stove top (complete with bubbling and frying noises), and fridge complete with spaces to pop shapes into and a button to make them pop out of again. Noah has been completely fascinated by it for the last few days, and it didn't take him long to figure out how to push the button to make the shapes pop back out!

The weather has been beautifully mild and sunny this weekend, so we have been able to get out into the courtyard and Noah has had fun pushing his trolley up and down. Being able to open up the doors and let the sun shine in has reminded us just why we fell in love with this place. We can't wait to be able to get outside more often as the weather keeps improving, and Spring is only days away now.

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