03 September 2007

Spring has sprung!!

Well Spring arrived on Saturday morning and what a cracker the first morning was!! We had an early morning with Noah waking up at 5.45am, so we were off to the supermarket at the break of dawn for an early shop to tire the wee man out.

When we got home we all had breakfast and decided it was nice enough (at 9am) to open all the doors to the courtyard and lounge and have the sun streaming in on us all.


We had been without our espresso coffee machine for 4 weeks (it was new, but something fell off it which wasn't supposed to happen, so we got it fixed under the warranty), so having just got it back it got a good workout as me and Meghan enjoyed coffees sitting out in the sun and relaxing whilst Noah had a sleep.

Some friends joined us for lunch (corn fritters and salad outside in the courtyard) which is when it got REALLY windy. Within about an hour, it got upto 100kms an hour, so a trip out in the car followed to some dodgy second hand clothing warehouse (in what could be Wellington's version of the Bronx) and a stop at the Warehouse for some supplies (chocolate, chocolate and chocolate!!!).

Sunday was Fathers day (My second one as a daddy!!) and I was given free rein to do what I wanted. It started off with a mountain bike ride for 3 hours with some mates (6 of us, all dads!!!), a game of indoor netball, a walk to see the ducks with my family and then a well earned rest on the couch with my fathers day prezzie....a box of scorched almonds (YUM YUM YUM!!). It was a great feeling to be recognised as a daddy, and something only dads can feel....I can't wait until Noah can actually tell me he loves me (hopefully!!??!) and spend the day mountain biking with me.


Anyway, from Noah's point of view still no unaided walking (although so much closer than last week) just a loose grip on your finger and he's happy to give it a go....Heaps of talking (Daadee is for me - Daddy and DDDAAAAA is for Mummy??? ha ha, Meghan loves that - NOT) and about 100 sets of teeth coming through all at once (ok a slight exageration, but about 7 teeth including 3 molars are on their way through, lets just hope it happens quickly!)

One more week to go at PPK, so a bit of a sad week for Noah, as he really does love it there. Lets just hope his new life moving forward at Early Years and with a Nanny (in the short term) is just as enjoyable and he makes lots of new friends. Until next week......

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