30 September 2007

Chasing the wind.......turbine


This week Noah introduced us to his new passion... the Wind Turbine. Although it is quite far on the horizon viewable from our house (we estimate about 3km away), Noah can see it through the trees from his bedroom, just above the fence from the garage, and the best spot of all from our bedroom window.

All this week Noah has been pointing at the wind turbine and making the motion of the turbine arms going round and round, and if we even so much as hint we're going upstairs he is desperate to come up to our bedroom so he can see it too. Every morning, the first thing he wants to do as soon as the curtain is up in his room is peek out to see if he can spot it turning away in the distance.

So yesterday we thought we'd give our precious boy a close-up and took a walk right up to the wind turbine. It's about a half hour walk each way along the possum fence dirt track which borders Karori Sanctuary. It's pretty steep in places, but Markie didn't complain a bit about the extra 11kg on his back! Every time we caught a glimpse of the turbine at various points as we got closer, you couldn't mistake the excitement in Noah's voice as he pointed to it.

We started Daylight Savings overnight so we had been a little worried about how Noah would cope with the hour's change in routine but so far so good? We only let him have one sleep both yesterday and today and put him to bed half an hour earlier last night before it started and another half an hour earlier again tonight so fingers crossed he'll get used to going to bed in the light pretty quickly.

This week Noah has also been interested in learning parts of the face and body (eyes, nose and right down to the toes) so the Head Shoulders Knees & Toes song has come in quite handy. He will gently touch our eyelids when we ask where our eyes are, it's very sweet. He has also taken quite an interest in helping to brush Murphy who is losing his winter coat as he does at this time every year and is pretty gentle with him in the process.

We had Noah's pre-assessement for his operation on Tuesday morning, now that the operation is only 2 weeks away it is feeling a little more scary and real. At this stage it is booked in for Friday 12 October in the afternoon, the procedure itself is less than an hour, and even though it won't be till about 1pm we would hopefully expect to be able to be home again later in the afternoon. We also need to pray that his cough and cold will clear up in the next week as he needs to be physically fit in order to have the operation. I have to admit I hadn't thought too much about his recovery afterwards but the doctors have said we will have to limit his physical activity for a few days as he will have a few stitches to recover from. Mum is scheduled to come down for a few days the following week Tuesday till Saturday so she has agreed (although hope you know what you're in for Mum!) to look after Noah for a couple of days. If he bounces back quickly we would hope he might be able to go to daycare on the Friday before Labour Weekend, as he will then start full-time there on the Tuesday which we're really looking forward to.

He has seemed so happy and settled at his new daycare that our minds are really at ease about our decision to go there, because we did agonise over it at the time. The teachers are wonderful and have welcomed both him and us so warmly, and Noah has been right in the thick of things amongst all the other children when we have been to pick him up so it really does give us a great deal of joy and relief to see him so happy in his new environment.

And so into another week...

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