16 September 2007

Week of weeks

I think the best thing that can be said about this week is that we're glad its over. This probably sounds a little bit melodramatic but it hasn't been an easy week for us as a family one way or another.

Tuesday was a definite improvement on Monday (the date of our last post) for Michelle and Noah bonding and by all accounts they had a nice day together, swimming in the morning, some painting in the afternoon and walking to meet me halfway home from work.

Wednesday Noah and I went to his new daycare for a couple of hours settling in. This went amazingly well I thought and Noah seemed more than happy to toddle off and explore various things close by before coming back to check that Mum was still there. We met all the teachers (who all seemed lovely) and Noah seemed to enjoy sitting and eating morning tea and then a whole bowl of fish pie with the other children. After meeting Mark for a spot of lunch in town we took a long walk home via the park which is where I snapped the great shot below of Noah peeking through a wall at me. However, that afternoon he developed quite a bad eye infection in both eyes which of course put paid to being able to spend the next two days settling in at daycare as conjunctivitis is one of the big no-no's when it comes to kids being able to attend since it is pretty infectious.

So Thursday Michelle ended up doing a whole day including bringing Noah in to the doctors and we went away with a course of eye ointment for his eyes, and antibiotics to help try and shake what the doctor thinks is a bacterial infection causing the horrible phlegmy cold and cough that the two of us have had for the last 3 weeks. As Noah still couldn't attend daycare on Friday and I had a suddenly unexpectedly busy workload Mark had to take Friday off to spend with Noah (who by all accounts was a lot perkier than the previous day).

Saturday morning I took off for my first ever night away from Noah, travelling up to Havelock North with my friend Caroline to go to our dear friend Tracey's 30th. I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with Caroline and being a part of Tracey's big day, but did wish that Mark and Noah could have been there too (although as it turns out it was possibly a wise decision that they weren't after an already pretty unsettling week). Mark coped magnificently well on his own by all accounts, particularly since unbeknownst to him Noah threw up (we think at about 11pm) and Mark only discovered it this morning. So the boys had to have an unplanned early morning shower, and then had to sort out all the bedclothes etc. Luckily I had always planned to come back early (arriving back on the first flight into Wellington at 8.30 this morning), so we were able to pitch in and work as a team to get through the rest of the day. Tonight Noah has had to make do with a makeshift mattress protector (3 towels on top of each other), and makeshift blankets since his are woollen and we can't exactly put them in the dryer! The poor wee man has gone to bed in a room that still smells decidely shady even after having the windows open for most of the day and spraying various fresheners around.


I don't want to make out like the week has been completely awful, there have been some lovely moments (Noah has become quite fascinated with planes and helicopters to add to his bird fascination), and he has become so adept at pointing them out to us, often he will spot them at the same time if not before us! In the morning when we get him up, we look out the window to see if we can see any birds in the nearby trees and he is much quicker to spot them even than I am! So today we ended up parking up very near the runway to watch some planes landing and taking off, but we think we may have been a tad too close for Noah's comfort as the 737 taking off at such close proximity proved a bit too much for Noah and he screamed rather loudly and then was not too keen on even seeing the smaller ones going after that. Next time we'll find a nice vantage point much further away from all the noise to indulge him in what appears to be a growing love of planes.

He is walking pretty well now just in the space of 10 days, and our next challenge is to find a couple more pairs of shoes so that he can have some more outside-type shoes for daycare as his gorgeous giraffe Bobux shoes are leather soled and will get ruined pretty quickly, but we also don't want to be spending a fortune if they're going to get dirty or lost. At this stage we want to get shoes that are still soft-soled to aid his ability to walk not clump, but we still want ones that will stay on!


I am not sure if it is down to feeling unwell, or his teeth which just keep on popping through, or the change in routines but Noah seems particularly clingy at the moment and will often cry the minute I leave the room (or Mark if it is just the two of them) or alternatively he wants to be picked up more frequently than a few weeks ago. It's so hard to know how much to give in to this, or to just say 'Noah you're fine' and distract him with other things. At the moment it feels like so much is changing/has changed for us, and as adults who understand why it is happening it is still difficult to accept at times, so how much more so must it be for our gorgeous boy whose daytime routine has been quite topsy-turvy this past week to say the least.

Our prayers tonight are for a much smoother, gentler ride for the week ahead.

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