10 September 2007

These are changing times...

The past week has seen the end of a wonderful 5 months for Noah at PPK, and heralded in a new era with Michelle the nanny 3 days a week and a new daycare the other two. We went along to the last hurrah for PPK at Friday, and whilst everyone was very upbeat and positive about their futures (both families and teachers), there was also a huge amount of sadness and regret that such a fantastic community creche has had to close due to reasons outside of anyone's control. Noah (aka Mummy) wrote all the teachers a wee thank you note to let them know how much he had treasured the time he had there, even though it was so short and sweet in the end. The photos below are of some of the fantastic teachers at PPK in order left to right, top to bottom Talaina, Melissa, Jodette and Sarah.


Noah started walking unaided this week, and on Thursday night he did about 30 steps all at once, so it was lovely for all the teachers to see him reach this milestone before PPK closed as he had been so close to it for a while. Since then, he is trying to walk at every opportunity, albeit with a few trips and tumbles along the way, but you can tell he is extremely proud of himself for such an achievement.

On Saturday, Noah had his first haircut, not a pleasurable experience for any of us as he cried throughout the whole proceedings, but He looks so grown up and a real little boy now without his curls. It was almost as if the minute his hair was cut, he seemed to grow overnight in terms of his ability to understand everything around him. This week he has pointed out and recognised mouse, lion, giraffe when we asked 'Where's the xxxxx?'. He also has started to copycat what we're doing, the other morning I flew a toy wooden plane around in the air which he promptly copied with appropriate 'bbbbrrrrrmmmm' noises to boot. He has also started feeding himself really well with a spoon to the extent that we don't really have to feed him at all other than to help get his spoon loaded up. What an amazing week of development it has been for him!



Sunday we spent four hours with Michelle trying to help her and Noah get acquainted, he wasn't in the best of moods as his teeth and a nasty phlegmy cough/cold seemed to be giving him grief. He warmed up eventually to Michelle but was pretty clingy at times, and not overly happy even with us. So we were a bit nervous about how today was going to go. I think it was a pretty tough first day today both for Noah and Michelle, he wouldn't go to sleep easily, and was pretty upset at various times during the day. Michelle brought him into town to see both me and Mark and he was a box of birds then and seemed very comfortable with her and happy to go to her for cuddles etc, I think this week is just going to be a a real one of settling in to new routines for all of us, so we will just have to pray for Noah to warm to Michelle quickly and for her to have lots of grace and understanding if he takes a while to get used all the new routines.

Wednesday I have the day off to take Noah to the new daycare for a couple of hours to introduce him to everyone there, Thursday I'll take him in again and he'll hopefully stay for the morning and a sleep, and then Michelle will look after him for the rest of the afternoon, then hopefully on Friday he'll stay at daycare for most of the day. And that'll be the end of the most unsettling week for our beautiful boy we hope.


We will continue to pray that God keeps us all in the palm of his hand. We felt a great deal of peace when we made this decision that it was the best for our family so we have to continue to believe that the same God who can calm a furious storm by just speaking to it is in control of every moment of each day.

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