07 October 2007

Wild wild weather

The weather this weekend has been odd to say the least. As you will see from all our photos, it was a pretty sunny day Saturday (if a little windy as it has been all week) and we were able to get out and about to do the shopping, enjoy a spot of brunch - bacon, banana and maple syrup pancakes at Eva Dixon cafe in Miramar.


Then we parked up near the runway to do a bit of plane spotting for the wee man (which he loved and not quite so frightened of the big 737s taking off this time as the spot we had was further down the runway and they came past already in the air).

In the afternoon, we got Noah out into his paddling pool for a brief play, although he was more interested in spotting planes flying over the house as you can see from the picture!

We then took a long walk down to Thorndon to check out our friends' new warehouse where they will be opening an exotic furniture business in the next couple of months. Then it was home via the duckpond and the playground (a must-see stop on the way home).


Last night, the weather took a turn for the worse and during the night it was actually hard to sleep as the wind gusts were so severe that I actually felt the bed was shaking at points (Mark was sleeping downstairs to get up for the 2am England v Australia quarterfinal rugby match). I guess with our room being up in the roof space so to speak, its hardly surprising that when the wind blows up there, it really blows. Having said that, we felt pretty lucky moving in here that we don't really get the north-westerly wind which is prevailing but this week has been an exception, as about the last 3 nights we have endured wind gusts over 100km/h (reminiscent of our wedding day!).

Add to the wind a pretty violent thunderstorm for about an hour this evening with about 30 lightning flashes and thunder claps (a couple almost overhead), and torrential rain, and there you have the weather... wild and weird! We're just hoping that our supposedly mended roof will hold up to the onslaught.

This week we have Noah's operation on Friday to get through which will be our utmost priority, it is bound to be a pretty difficult day for us all so we will be praying for God's protection on us as a family and in particular for Noah to recover quickly from the procedure.

This weekend Noah has started to try and walk and carry around multiple things at once, i.e. always one George, his little plane and a big bouncy ball if he can manage them all. It is quite hilarious that he thinks he can manage them all but he won't put any of them down..oh no. He has also started standing up without having to use anything for support, i.e. just puts his bum in the air and pushes off with his hands which is pretty clever, hard to believe he's only been walking 4 weeks!

This last pic is just to show Noah's absolute favourite toys at the moment, he hasn't lost an ounce of his fascination with planes, helicopters and the wind turbine this week. We have to be a little bit careful of him with the metal one as it is quite sharp but he loves zooming it around the room so much that we're just making sure we monitor his play with it whilst he still has the potential to fall over relatively easily. It has been a bit of a shame that the wind turbine has been either stopped (due to the crazy wind) or not visible (due to low cloud) at various points this week, but when it has been viewable, Noah exclaims in excitement 'ra ra' translation: round and round with finger motions to accompany...it is so sweet how the simple things are a child's greatest joy.

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