28 October 2007

Sunny days chasing the clouds away....


This week's title is, of course, taken from the tune of the Sesame Street song, but feels appropriate. We've had some lovely weather this week and have been able to get out in the gardens most evenings to water our precious plants.

Noah seems to have really enjoyed his first week back in full-time daycare and has been very happy and settled each night when we've picked him up. His wound continues to heal slowly, at times this week it has looked rather nasty but we think this is just as a result of the wound trying to form a scab and heal which when you consider that he is always on the go and it doesn't get much air-time it is hardly surprising that it is taking such a long time. We're keeping a close eye on it but are encouraged by the fact he doesn't seem in any pain or discomfort with it for now.

This weekend was kicked off by a fantastic breakfast at the Maranui Surf Cafe in Lyall Bay with our friends Guy and Shannon who were treating themselves to the weekend off from all the preparations for opening their new furniture store. The food was fantastic, the company great and Noah was in his element watching all the planes take off (as it was a roaring southerly). That's twice in two weekends we have managed to find great venues for breakfast AND plane spotting all at once! Then it was off to the Warehouse where we finally managed to find a plastic clamshell sandpit as we have been after one for a while...now we just have to find some sand! We spent the rest of the day hanging out at home together doing painting..which was fun if a little messy so the bathroom is definitely the best venue, and other household chores.

I then went out to a friend's hens night which included a pole dancing lesson of all things! It was actually great fun if a little hard on the muscles (as I ache in my shoulders and arms something chronic today!).

Today we went to a dedication for our friend Marissa and Keryn's son Magnus. It was a gorgeous sunny afternoon out in Plimmerton and their house has fantastic views towards Mana Island and the South Island, it was just lovely to be part of their special day. Noah amused himself quite well independently for most of the time, going off on his own for short bouts of time, playing with various toys and wandering round the garden. We also noticed today that when he was playing with his blocks he was trying to put one interlocking block on top of the other so is showing real signs of learning and developing with his play.

After a frustrating weekend where our wireless router appears to have died and I spent a fair bit of time trying to fix it and locate the source of the problem, we're now back to the good old days of plugging in a network cable and have taken the router in for repair, let's hope it gets fixed quickly as not having the wireless connection is a tad inconvenient.

The shot of this week has to be the photo of Noah tasting his first Nutella sandwich....classic!

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