04 November 2007

Signing frenzy


This week has seen Noah develop in leaps and bounds in his signing capabilities, he now has milk, eat, finished, more, nappy, pardon me for general signs as well as giraffe, elephant, lion, monkey, hippo. Nappy is his newest sign and he has just learnt this over the last few days, and signs for us to change his nappy once it needs changing and has beaten us to his bedroom to get out a new nappy and to lie down ready for changing - amazing! He is definitely very aware of what goes on in his nappy now as we have started taking him to the bathroom afterwards and flushing the contents of his nappy down the toilet. This has had an amusing side effect with his first discernible phrase 'Bye bye poo poo'.

Noah's wound has thankfully fully healed now with no further issues, and his 15-month injections passed by uneventfully as well, and now won't need further immunisations until four years old!

We have had a lovely few days with GeeGee (Great Granma) to stay for a couple of nights, a particular highlight was Friday, lunching at Te Papa and having a quick look around before catching up with 3 antenatal friends and their babies (who are now toddlers like Noah!) It was great to see them all and especially to see how much all the children had grown in the past few months since we last got together.

We were also very blessed this week to receive a whole lot of toys through a friend at Mark's work, namely some gorgeous wooden toys (train with carriages, tractor and bus), a whole icecream container of Matchbox toys, a blackboard easel and a miniature table & chairs set. Noah has had a blast playing with them all as the photos testify.

Saturday we splashed out for another brunch (third weekend in a row!) at Chocolate Frog Cafe at the garden centre, accompanied by the obligatory plane spotting every few minutes, and purchasing some courgette and capsicum plants with a bit of advice from Granma. Granma and I also enjoyed our first harvest of rocket lettuce for dinner on Friday night, the peppery nutty taste is a delight to the palate! Unfortunately, once again we didn't get any photos of Noah with GeeGee, in our defence I think we got so caught up with enjoying the moments together that we clean forgot about the camera.

Today was a quiet morning at home before we went out to Te Papa again for a look-see, Noah particularly enjoyed visiting the ducks and playing in the fossil pit.

There were almost too many photos to choose from this weekend, so I'll let them do the talking and sign off for now.......

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