11 November 2007

Tending to the garden

Here is the best of the pictures taken from our bedroom window on Guy Fawkes evening, it was a lovely evening and even better to know we can get a view without even leaving the house in years to come!
Well one thing is for sure, we have certainly managed to interest Noah in the garden (or the watering of it at least). He is very keen to get out his little watering can and help - if the garden doesn't grow it'll be because it has drowned in over-watering, not for the lack of it!

We have had a quiet weekend which is just as well as I have somehow developed a nasty chesty cough which has made me feel pretty average. Mark kindly took Noah out to do the shopping and pick up our new coffee machine (well the upgrade replacement coffee machine that Harvey Norman kindly came to the party with after a part came off ours again for the 2nd time in 4 months). I was able to rest up a little as a result which was much needed.

Last night was a great fish n chips meal in (thanks to Jules) who also brought us round another supply of grapefruit (good Vitamin C for me!) and a beautiful bunch of flowers as you can see from the photo.

This morning Daddy aka Mark went out for a bike ride whilst Mummy and Noah washed the car - lots of fun and Noah was a great help, his rainjacket and gumboots came in very handy for not getting completely soaked! Then we had a wee bit of fun in the new sandpit, although like most things Noah took a bit of convincing before he would get into it!

It was warm enough this afternoon to get Noah into shorts and have the doors open which was lovely. Noah's new thing for this weekend has been trying to climb - onto the sofas and jumping on them too. He's also been bum shuffling down the stairs (which is a bit safer than just launching himself feet first at them which is what he has been doing up till now).

The good weather also brought plenty of helicopter spotting for Noah which he really enjoyed - I don't think he realises quite how lucky he is to be able see them so often, it certainly helps that Mum & Dad have a keen ear out for them all the time to be able to rush Noah outside the minute we hear one! Tomorrow we have a checkup at the hospital but we're expecting that to all go smoothly and we also have Noah's 15-month Plunket checkup as well. Mark is going to Auckland for 3 days this week so it'll be the usual challenge of trying to manage getting to daycare and home again on my own with no major dramas, and hopefully I'll be feeling better too.

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