18 November 2007

Where's Daddy?

This week I (Daddy) was away in Auckland for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on a course to make me a more effective sales person, and I can honestly say I loved the course. You may have heard of it – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen Covey). The course outlined 7 habits (3 within, 3 external and 1 follow up) that used correctly can make you a better husband, daddy, friend, colleague etc etc.

This obviously left Meghan and Noah home alone for the week, and from what I’ve been told they survived pretty well on their own.

Noah had his MMR jabs 10 day ago and amazingly seemed to come down with something right on 10 days after the jabs (precisely what the nurse said can happen to 1 in 5 kiddies??) He basically decided that he didn’t want to go to sleep at night and developed a rather nasty little cough. This was along with Meghan who also was feeling terrible (4th, 5th……who knows how many times this year, poor soul!!) and ended up on her 2nd lot of antibiotics in 2 months?

The night I left to fly to Auckland, Noah took over 45 minutes to get to sleep but I had no choice but to fly up to Auckland that night, and having stayed a little later to help Meg I nearly didn’t make the flight due to the main route to the airport being closed, and got there 7 minutes before the flight took off…..I had to run to the gate!!

However, Noah made it through the week, and Meghan coped really really well. You realise how important it is to have two of you around to get the basics done as a family….and the next time I go away we may have to put a call out to the family to help us to look after little one to help ease the load.

I got back on Friday night and think we were all just happy to have a weekend together. And what a weekend it was…..the weather was incredible (a southerly with no wind! which meant it was also really hot). Saturday was spent shopping (as usual) and a new haircut for Noah. (check out the photos…..he looks so grown up). I went to the football last night (Wellington vs Sydney) in a corporate box (thank you Meg for letting me go) whilst Meg had a chilled night at home with a glass of wine and some salmon.

We’ve hardly seen Meghan today (Sunday) as she has been doing team leader hospitality duties at church. So this morning was a boys trip to the ducks at the botanical gardens, and then the park on the way back and lots of raisins to keep him awake…..Mummy got home at 1pm and we all decided that a visit to a model railway expo was the go in town. Little did we know the Santa parade was on in town….a pleasant surprise!!! So after 20 minutes of elves, nativity and Mr Claus we managed to get to the model train expo which was a bit of fun, and Noah definitely enjoyed it. Meghan was back to church in the evening, so me and Noah watched a DVD (Planes, Trains, Cars and Boats) and enjoyed bath time.

New things this week seem to be his pronunciation of words….”Murphy” is nearly there….as are a few others (even the word Mummy is finally happening, which comes out My Mummy – Meghan is loving it!!!).

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