25 November 2007

Real naps....

Apart from Noah being off sick a couple of days this week, it has been fairly uneventful, nice weather, quiet evenings (which after the busyness of last week were very welcome) and some enjoyable family moments.

Mark took Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday off, and I took Thursday off and Noah was actually in pretty good spirits. He's on a course of antibiotics (starting just as I finished mine) which we're hoping will do the trick. I have been feeling decidely shady again this weekend only 3 days after finishing my antibiotics so who knows what that's all about! Luckily the sun has been shining all week so it is fairly easy to forget about not feeling 100%.

Today I counted up the signs that Noah knows and got to at least 20 which is awesome (and that doesn't include the animal sounds he makes rather than bothering to sign).

This weekend has been quite quiet, we've done a lot of odd jobs around the house so we've a definite feeling of accomplishment. We've spent a fair bit of time outside, watering the garden, weeding, playing in the sandpit and (trying, albeit fairly unsuccessfully) to get Noah into his paddling pool. He's a funny one when it comes to new things, it took him about 3 times before he he was happy to go in his new sandpit which today he played in quite happily, so probably in a couple of weekends he'll be in the pool before we can stop him... all in good time. We have learnt from experience that there is no point forcing him into situations he's not comfortable in as he only gets upset and doesn't enjoy them anyway.

The funny thing is that when it comes to something that HE instigates it is an entirely different story as his favourite past-time at the moment is jumping on our bed. It is heart-stoppingly scary for Mum & Dad as he has no fear and flings himself around without any thought for where he is landing (i.e. no concern for hitting his head on the headboard or falling off the bed completely). At daycare they have a great area for when the weather is inclement that has crash mats etc and I have had to drag him away from there almost kicking and screaming when I've gone to pick him up as he is jumping around having so much fun that he doesn't want to leave.


We had the privilege of a starling finding its way into our roof space overnight on Friday night (lucky us!) and the noise of it on the ceiling was enough to wake both Mark and I up in the middle of the night (we actually were a bit worried it might have been a rat when we were half asleep), so yesterday whilst Noah was asleep Mark braved it up the ladder in the roof space and we scared it off and rearranged the pink batts so hopefully that has been somewhat of a deterrent, fingers crossed.

After last week was a funny week of not wanting to go to bed in the evenings, Noah has had some fantastically long daytime naps this week (i.e. 1.5-2hrs), which could be as a result of feeling unwell, or alternatively might be his way of saying 'Hey Mum and Dad, I'm ready to cut back to one sleep'. Either way, having one long sleep in the middle of the day has meant he is much more ready for bed and we've had smooth bedtimes as a result.


I've been wanting to add to Noah's music collection (even if it is through copied CDs from the library..sshhh don't tell) so we can sing some songs on car trips and have music on in the weekends to sing along to. Last week I borrowed the Wiggles but he really wasn't into it, and far prefers the classic nursery rhyme type tunes, and both Mark and I were surprised at how many words we also knew from some of the tunes we grew up with too. Today I made up some actions to 'We're going on a lion hunt' which Noah thought was great fun so with a bit of repetition I think he'll be keen to join in.

Can't believe it is a month till Christmas.....next weekend we're all going to put the tree up together which I'm really looking forward to so watch this space!

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